Monday, September 7, 2015


A month or two ago Kenny decided he wanted to travel down to Seaside for one final family beach trip. We know this is really the last year that we could travel this late in the year with school having started. Elle was in school three years before we left for this trip.  She missed a full week.  But don't worry, her teacher sent her very important coloring, letter and cutting sheets with her and we managed to complete a good bit of it!

Saturday morning we loaded up and drove down for the Fairhope for the night and then kept going on Sunday to Seaside to check into our condo.  Kenny found a great place for us location wise right on the little Seaside loop right on the amphitheater.  With Walker being so young close proximity to the beach and all the restaurants is important!

On our first night Elle's first request was to just hang out and play in the amphitheater.  So we had dinner at the food trucks (Barefoot BBQ was relish) and then parked ourselves on the edge of the grass with a cocktail in hand!
This might be the only picture of just Kenny and me.  I made a special point of taking some pictures of all four of us but this it for Mommy and Daddy.

Elle was pretty pleased that her kids meal was served on a frisbee she got to keep!

We were excited to send Elle's Pre-K class a postcard from the beach so we ran into our very favorite bookstore to pick one out and then to check out the great children's section.  We have many memories in this bookstore.  I love to come back to all of our favorite spots trip after trip and year after year.
Elle looking through some books at Sundog Books.
After a long run in the amphitheater, the kids were worn out and it was time for bed.  This was our beautiful view from our window!

Another one of Elle's requests when we started talking about coming back to the beach was having beignets at Great Southern. So that was what we did the very next morning!
Elle was excited to be eating her beignet!
Walker found that he liked them a lot too!
While we were at breakfast we wrote on our postcard and addressed it for her class at school.  This is the front of the postcard.  This beach pavilion/access is the one that was right across the street from our condo.
The other side that we wrote on.  Elle having learned to write her own name signed it herself.
Next it was time to get it into the mail slot!

After breakfast, our post office adventures we let Walker take a nap and then hit the beach.  This trip was so nice because Walker is now sitting up and crawling so he was so happy to sit in his pool with water and toys and splash and play for a lot of the time.  It also helped that he was able to eat sandwiches and bananas and things like that along with his bottles.  He did so great.  Three hours was usually his limit so I would take him back to the condo while Elle and Kenny would stay down a little bit longer.
Walker playing in his pool with his toys.

This girl loves the beach so much!
Kenny let me know he and Elle were headed back so I came out to great them and wave!

That evening the theatre group was having one of their final performances of this summer's play Robin Hood.  We always make a point to see their plays because Elle absolutely loves them.  When we were here the last time it actually got rained out so we were excited to catch it.  It was funny though because being down in Seaside during this time of year is just so much calmer and quieter than when we come in the middle of summer.  There were only  a few families there to see the play when normally it is slammed!
Walker and Mommy waiting on the play to start.
We were the only ones there waiting.  For a while.

Then a few more people were there.  Elle loved the play as always.  We normally go down for pictures with the cast and she did but they wanted her to wear one of their hats and she was exhausted so that sent her over the edge.  So no cast pictures this time.
Elle and Mommy enjoying the play.

Tune in tomorrow for some more lovely days of our family vacation. Part 2!

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