Friday, September 11, 2015


Walker my sweet boy! He is 10 months old! And he is needs to stop growing right now!  Except he gets cuter every day so I guess it is okay.  So the big news this month is Walker is CRAWLING! He is crawling every where and we are having to stay on our toes.  He touched more light sockets the first day he learned to crawl than Elle has touched in her entire life.  He is into everything and still gets so mad when you take something away from him or move him from something he shouldn't be playing with. He knows the things that we have told him "No no" on and he will high tail it over to them sometimes and when we say "No No Walk" and start to move towards him he will start to fuss or cry because he knows he's about to "get in trouble."  

He is loving our busy days but he is not a fan of the car seat.  He loves all the attention he gets from the nursery workers at bible study and loves his teachers at PDO but he cries every time I go to put him in the car seat because he spends some time in there with going and coming and carpool for Elle. He only cries as I put him in though so that is good.  He gets over it and then is a happy boy.

He is still obsessed with food! Loves it! He eats anything and everything.  He gets upset if you eat and he doesn't have anything to eat.  Some of his new favorites are the baby yogurt melts, grilled cheese and broccoli.   

He is sleeping great at night and is rolling with the punches when it comes to nap. He gets a morning nap when he can but we always make sure we get to get a great afternoon nap.  He still goes to bed really early.  When we were at the beach he took later naps and was able to stay up a little past his normal bedtime of 6 but not too much later.  He usually wakes up around 5:30-6: 00 AM and I get him out of his crib around 6:30.

And one final thing because it has become such a sweet thing.  In a lot of his pictures you will see his lovey.  It is a raccoon and I bought it for him at a boutique in Birmingham when I was pregnant with him.  I named his raccoon lovey Rocky after the Beatles song and here lately he loves his lovey!  You will put him down in his crib and hold Rocky up to him and he will reach up to him and smile and then bring him in or a big hug.  It just melts my heart!

Okay! Picture time!
 He loves his State football rattle!  And see all smiles after a 
few tears from getting put into the car seat.
 Sitting up and taking a big boy bath.  No more baby bath that he had outgrown!
 Being silly and playing with toys!
 Our morning routine usually goes like this: Drop sister off at school and then go to gym or preschool and have a bottle in the front seat of my car while we wait for 8:30 to roll around.  So once he finishes his bottle we take selfies!
 Walker has taken an interest in Lena.  I try to always get some pictures 
because Lena is getting so old.
 These too hanging out together waiting to leave for fan day!
 More car selfies with my sweet boy.

 Action shot of him crawling.
 Sweaty boy with Mama!
 Sweaty boy with Daddy.
 I found him napping one afternoon after a long morning at the beach like this. 
Those feet kicked out his of his sleep sack just slay me.  And there is Rocky!
 Father and son!

 This I am not ready for.  Why do I feel like he is going to be pulling up in no time! We will see!

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