Tuesday, September 8, 2015


So for the next couple days we would kind of rotate back and forth on pool days and beach days.  Beach days require you to make lunches, pack coolers and lug a whole lot of stuff including children down to the beach and then lug it back up.  So we find breaking up those hard work days with pool days really works for our family! 
I love this picture of Elle.  She was patiently waiting for Walker to wake up so we could head out.
After a long morning at the pool Elle and I got out for some mother daughter ice cream.  
Cookies and cream! My favorite!
Walker took monster monster naps almost every afternoon.  I think the heat in general just wears him out.  We royally messed up his predictable schedule but I sure did enjoy the three hour naps!
Elle was sleeping soundly at night too.  Isn't she beautiful?

The next morning we headed over to Bud and Alley's to enjoy breakfast overlooking the water.  It was nice to do something a little different.
We just laughed and laughed because Walker is such a grabber! 
Please look at our table! Just a wee bit crowded on one side!

After breakfast it was time to fulfill another one of Elle's requests! The Seaside playground.  I give it to her. This playground is so cute and we had a great time!
Standing in the doorway of her "castle."
Silly face!
Walker snoozed in the stroller for a little while.
Love these two!
Elle and Kenny went to the pool later that day while Walker napped and then we met them there to hang out.  They are such twins sometimes!

Throughout this trip Kenny and I talked at length about how much work a beach vacation is with children and that we wake up early and go to bed early and really make the most of our days for our children. But it isn't always relaxing.  One day I mentioned that I can't wait to be able to 1-stay at the beach all day 2-see dusk or a sunset at the beach.  I want to walk down to the beach with Kenny.  Sit in the sand with a cocktail in hand and watch the sun set with him.  These days are very far away but they will probably be here so much quicker than I think they will.  And I never ever want to wish time away with our small babies.  So that evening after our children had fallen fast asleep and I went to close the shades in our room and I saw this beautiful sunset I had Kenny come up and join me and we laughed about how this would be the closest we got to watching a sunset together for a long time. But it still was so pretty!


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Chelsea said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! I love Bud & Alleys it has great food!!