Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This past weekend I had a bunch of my college friends in town for our annual reunion weekend. Our friends Megan and Patrick and their two little boys finally made it up to a game and stayed at our house.  Normally they come to almost all of the games and stay with us but two kids will keep you busy. We were also throwing a small sprinkle shower for my friend Rachael who is having her second little baby. So some of the husbands set up a separate tailgate for the reunion group and Elle and I went back and forth between our normal tailgate and the reunion tailgate.  It was a fun Saturday spent tailgating!
Most of the group but missing some of the kids. Walker stays in at home with our game 
babysitter Zo so he wasn't in the picture. 

Elle had so much fun and was super pumped to go into the game.  We were playing Kentucky and we were excited for a SEC matchup. Elle had the best time at the game.  Ringing her cow bell and cheering for the Bulldogs.  We love taking her to the ballgame and cannot wait to take Walker too!
These two peas in a pod at the ballgame.
Kenny showing Elle where Dak was.
Me and my sweet Bulldog loving girl!
Our family of cowbells.

Sunday was Kenny's birthday and we were excited to celebrate with him as a family.  In the morning I got up and made a big breakfast for us and the Martinezes.  I made a huge pan of scrambled eggs and a cinnamon roll breakfast casserole that is always a hit.  
Everyone enjoying their breakfast!

After the kids played for a while, Megan and Patrick loaded up and hit the road back for the coast.  Elle had been complaining of a ear infection for a few days so I decided to take her back to the doctor. She had a double ear infection while Kenny was at market and it just doesn't seem to want to go away.  So we started a new type of antibiotic.  Hoping that does the trick.  Especially since I had to go pick her up from school on Monday because she didn't feel good and said her ear was hurting.  When we got home from the doctor we let Kenny open his presents from us.
Elle assisting in the unwrapping.
Daddy and Elle posing with the gift she chose for Kenny's birthday. When I picked Elle up from school on Friday and told her we were going to pick something out for Daddy's birthday and asked her what she wanted to get him. She immediately said she wanted to get him to a bow tie.  So I took her to the men's clothing store and she picked one out that she thought he would love.  It was the cutest thing ever. He did love it! We can't wait for him to wear it!
Ice Cream Birthday Cake for the win!
Kenny making his birthday wish!

After Walker woke up from his nap we took the kids up to the country club to paint pumpkins and decorate Halloween cookies. Elle had lots of fun and the rest of us enjoyed watching and hanging out.
Elle painting her pumpkin
Elle decorating her cookie.
Had to get one with Mommy and Walker who was more worried about 
grabbing someone else's cookie off the table.
Elle enjoying her cookie.

Sunday night we spent the night hanging out with just the four of us and grilling steaks, opening a nice bottle of wine and having family dinner.  It was exactly what Kenny requested for his birthday and it was a great day spent celebrating him!

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