Friday, October 2, 2015


So Kenny and Elle woke up early to eat breakfast and get ready to head over to the PGA Tour Championship and maybe lay eyes on Ricky Fowler and all the top golfers.  The weather was less than superb but we knew it was supposed to rain on Saturday so they at least were mentally prepared.  Kenny bought a VIP Hospitality Tent ticket for himself and Elle could get into the tent for free.  He figured it was a good idea.  Free drinks, food, air conditioner, television with football games, shelter and it was also perched in a good location to watch the golfers move through the course. With the rain they ended up making good use of it!

We found Elle a little skirt and pullover at the Silver Oaks golf course in Napa so she was super excited to put on her golf gear even though the skirt was swallowing her up!
Just arrived at the championship and excited to watch golf with Daddy.
Hanging with Daddy and watching the golfers at the Hospitality Tent.
Thats Ricky in the blue!
Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!

Elle has little legs and wasn't totally feeling following Ricky on all the holes.  So they watched him warm up and then tee off.  They watched so other golfers on different holes.  It was raining pretty hard and they were pretty damp so they headed back to the tent for some lunch.
Enjoying a pork chop and the ultimate treat, a coca cola!

They sat at the tent and waited for Ricky to come through and then moved out onto the green to be closer.  With the weather being bad it meant the course wasn't super crowded.  When Ricky got done putting in Elle and Kenny were standing right by where Ricky would walk over to the next hole.  Kenny told Elle to stand by the rope and hold out her hand.  They called his name as he walked by and Ricky said " Oh here we go!" Then Ricky walked over and gave both Elle and Kenny a high five!  They were so incredibly pumped! Elle called me immediately after and she was so excited.  Kenny was just as excited! They are such big fans! Their day was totally made and the trip was deemed a success at that point.  
Look at that face! She is so thrilled! Ricky gave her a high five!

After their Ricky encounter they decided to call it a day at the tournament and go back to the hotel to rest. They planned on going to an afternoon showing of Hotel Transylvania and then go back to the hotel for watch the Bulldogs play Auburn.  But when they got to the movie theatre the movie was sold out! Whoops! So they bought tickets for the next showing and killed some time. It was at a mall so Elle chose Johnny Rockets to eat for dinner.  She was into the 50s diner vibe.
Enjoying a Sprite at the hotel bar while they watched a SEC football game.
Having fun at Johnny Rockets.

It was finally time for the movie.  Elle was thrilled with the comfy seats.  Big cushy seats that reclined all the way back. Spiffy! This was also Elle's first 3D movie.  She loved it!
Getting cozy at the movie theatre.
Ending the trip with a movie date with Daddy!
Walker and I sent a pic before we headed out to a friends to watch the MSU game.  

The next morning Elle and Kenny hit the road after having breakfast.  They had so much fun but were ready to come home and tell Walker and I all about Ricky and the golf tournament!
One last super fun elevator ride.

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