Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I took the kids to Memphis this weekend to break up Kenny's long market trip and to take Elle to see Cinderella at the Orpheum.  Friday night we just put the kids to bed and hung out together watching television. Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day so me and my mom and sister took the kids to the Memphis Zoo.  I miss having this zoo close by so much.  It is a great zoo and Elle just loves it.  Walker enjoyed it too and I look forward to taking him more as he gets older.  
Elle's request was to see the lions and the big cats.  So we headed there first. 
CeCe and Elle checking them out.
The zoo was decorated for Halloween and their zoo boo event.  
So we took advantage and took a few pictures.
Walker and CeCe checking out the choo chop train.
Elle pushing Walker in the stroller as she likes to do and Walker 
pretending to know how to give himself a bottle.
Elle loves the kimono dragons. We have to see them every time.  
Watching the hippo with Nannee.  The hippos were on the move on this day.  We were able to watch both of them swim, get out of the water and walk to another pool.  It was so neat.  I have never seen them move so much!
It was chilly at some points in the day so we made sure Walker was cozy.
Elle and this carasouel.  So many memories of her riding on it when we lived in Memphis.  
She wanted me to ride next to her.  Love my sweet girl.
Family shot minus Daddy.  We missed him!
Elle hitching a ride with Nannee.
We stopped to feed the giraffes.  Elle loved this and 
Walker was completely enamored by them! Look at that tongue!
Walker watching the giraffes.
Sharing some together time on Sunday morning.
Walker is the laziest little bottle eater but this was sweet.

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