Friday, October 16, 2015


Last week Elle stayed after school every day for the academy's cheer camp.  After school the cheerleaders pick up the participating little girls from their class and they have a clinic to learn cheers to perform at that Friday's football game.  So Monday through Thursday Elle was at school until 5 PM! I missed her like crazy! We go to bed early so I felt like I barely saw her all week.  But she was having an absolute blast. She was so incredibly tired but had lots of fun.  In the evenings she was usually too tired to show us anything she was learning but in the mornings she would pop out of bed first thing and start showing us her cheers.  It was so cute!  

On Friday I was able to pick her up at normal time and I took her for our Friday treat.  On this day she chose Coldstone ice cream.  Then that evening we went t o the home football game because all the girls who went to Cheer Camp were performing at half time. Elle was super excited!  We were due at the game around 7 and the bottom let out around 6.  Lightening and thunder and pouring rain.  Luckily it left and as quickly as it came.  We were relieved because Elle would of been devastated.  The only consequence was frizzy hair and we could handle that.

We found Elle's cheerleader and all her friends and the girls were having the best time running around and playing before it was time to perform.  Our cheer was pretty short but they did a little dance number too.  The Pre-K girls performed with the kindergartners.  They do this camp up to fourth or fifth grade I think. So a lot of years ahead if Elle wants to do it each year!

Okay here we go with some cute pics from that day and night!
Elle enjoying her Friday treat with Mommy.  I love this time with her! Especially this week when I mussed her so much!
So proud to sport her Cheer Camp shirt!
Posing with Daddy.
Giving Daddy a big hug! I said I would use this picture in her Senior Program 
if she decides to cheer in high school.
Doing a cheer pose with Mommy.  
Piper, Mary Kenway, Elle and Cate

Most of the Pre-K girls that were in the camp.

Sitting in the stands with Daddy and Mommy.  
Getting ready to do her cheer out on the field.  She got very serious about it.  That is very Elle.

It was a great week.  Elle had lots of fun and we all enjoyed the performance night.  I see many years of Cheer Camp in our future!

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