Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A belated update for our little man's 11 month birthday.  The theme of this month is into absolutely everything.Glancing at the pictures I am about to post they all prove this.  I love the way he explores but he sure does keep me busy.  He wants nothing to do with toys.  Its whatever he is not supposed to have. He is lightning fast crawling now and will high tail it outside if he can or into the laundry room where he wants to play with the dog food and water bowls. He is also a little hot head.  He gets so mad when you take something away from him and he manages to find a lot of things that he should not have. Everything goes into his mouth and I have had to pry so many things out of his mouth.  He also popped his two front teeth this month and is working on another bottom one. He still loves his food.  Every time I pick him up from mother's morning out they said he didn't nap but he sure did eat good.  Alright, here we go with some pictures of the last month.

He has only pulled up a a few times.  It is always on this table.  To be honest 
I'm not ready for that business anyway.
I just thought he looked cute in this picture in his little bubble.
Hey momma!
I don't remember what he was so upset with me about.  Probably frustrated with a door that was closed after he himself closed it or maybe a car.  He gets really angry 
at cars and we can't figure out why.
My happy baby in his high chair.
Walker loves Lena so much.  He crawls over to her all the time to give her some lovin.
He likes the dishwasher door too.
One afternoon he spent the afternoon going through the extra shoe bin at Elle's ballet class.
On the mornings Walker has PDO we drop Elle off at school and then drive over to the church and I give Walker a bottle in the car.  When he is done we play in the car until it is time to go in.  I have dubbed these pictures #pdocarselfies. 
He likes to come hang out with Elle while she takes a bath.  We put them in the bath together for the first time this past week.  They had a blast.
Another #pdocarselfie
Baby booty perusing some board books.
Enjoying a bath of his own.  Angel face.
#pdocarselfie gone bad.  He wanted my phone which I would not give him.

This is from our hospital visit this past Sunday. And yes that s throw up on my leg!!  Walker started vomiting on the way to the pumpkin patch and it turned out to be a scary afternoon.  The Urgent Care sent us straight to the hospital.  He was still sick when we got there but then as soon as we got back in the room he perked right up.  I was happy he was feeling better but could of done without all the drama.  

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