Wednesday, October 14, 2015


We have had a couple of busy weeks and I have some pictures that I wanted to post just to have them included.  Just a little photo dump of sorts. I will just go through the pictures and give a little back story for our memories!
Elle started ballet again when school started.  She is in a class with a lot of her friends and has been loving it.  We are so sad because a couple of them have dropped but Elle looks forward to it ever week so I  don't see us stopping.  This is a picture of her and her good friend Miriam.
I was co-chair of one of our Junior Auxiliary's events, Safety Town.  Elle was able to attend with her school and I was so excited to have her there.  She seemed pretty proud to have 
me there which I thoroughly enjoyed. 
#pdocarselfie Like I said this is a regular thing.  I enjoy being silly with my baby boy!
I take Elle for "Friday treat" every Friday after school.  We have gone for sno cones, to the sweet shop and on this particular day we went for some frozen yogurt.  I love this time with her.
Our friend Mary Neel had a ballerina themed birthday party a week or two ago.  There was a real ballerina there and Elle was very shy when we first arrived.  Wanted to stay by my side.  But eventually she warmed up and loved dancing with the ballerina!
Elle, Addison, Mary Neel and other friends
Leaving the party and hitching a ride with Walker.
On the same day of the ballerina party we attended a pony themed party out at someones hunting camp.  They had the cutest cabin out there along with pony rides and a hay ride.  It was a lot of fun and Elle got to see some of her friends she doesn't see everyday, Audrey and Ella!
Collier, Mary Kenway, Cate, Elle and Audrey - all in Pre-K
Elle riding the pony.  The helmet was a little small for her head.
Can't resist a sweet picture of my baby sacked out.

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