Friday, June 10, 2016


Elle has been out of school for a few weeks now.  She was at Gramma camp one of the weeks but with the start of June we are now in full summer swing!  I originally signed Elle and Walker up for alternating days of PDO but I quickly realized that was such a mistake. Luckily I was able to change their days around so now they go on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  Although they will miss most of June because of bible school and the beach. We are trying to get to the pool as much as we can.  Walker could care less about the pool so some days we get sitters for him or sometimes Kenny and Elle will go up to the pool and Walker and I will meet up later. We have also spent many a morning outside which I am so happy about! They entertain themselves so well when we play outside and until Walker started walking we couldn't do it very much.  So now that he is walking that is all he wants to do is play outside.  And Elle has finally learned to ride her bike with training wheels.  Pedaling was hard for her little legs but she's made so much progress!

We have also stayed busy with baseball because our Bulldogs are rocking and rolling and we have really lucked out because Starkville is hosting all the tournaments! We are one game away from going to the World Series!

So lets do a big photo dump from all the fun we have been having!
Sending Daddy selfies almost everyday!

This is a constant at our house.  Walker snacking and moving 
and Elle following.  Lena eats 65% of everything we give him.
Walker loves a golf club and ball too! 
I took a bunch of pictures because I think he is so cute.  I love how he gets a snack and a sippy and crawls up in this chair. That poor chair is getting a little soiled 
from his sticky fingers but these are the days.
Those little feet

Doing some reading in the playroom.  This was the day Elle 
got back from Gramma camp I believe and Walker was glued to her side.
We went to the first night of Bingo at the club and had lots of fun! We planned to take Walker but he was so cranky that evening that we ended up getting a sitter at the last minute.  We had lots of fun and came close to winning.  Elle brought her new glasses I picked up for her and thought she was super cool.
Selfie with mommy.
All decked out in our state gear for the game that was that night.
Elle and Walker love to take cruises in the jeep! They drive around 
and around and Walker waves and blows me kisses!
Chalk has been a big hit too!
Elle went to the grocery store with me the other day.  She loves to get the smaller buggies and be my helper.  My list was short but even the checkout girl was impressed 
by how much I managed to fit in this buggy!
Heading in to the ballgame to watch us clench the regionals!
Elle was complaining the sun was in her eyes so I 
gave her my sunglasses so she would stop complaining.  She looked so cute!

After we won and walked back to our car we stopped at 
this big map of Mississippi and had to get a pic standing on the flying M.
Playing in the playroom.  They have become such good friends.
Enjoying a snack and a show one day after PDO.

Daddy and Walker hanging at the pool.
Enjoying some popcorn! The clubs is pretty good and the 
love of popcorn is an inherited trait from their daddy.
Walker found a ball at the park when we went the other day and wouldn't let go.  It wasn't ours.  Eventually I had to give it back to the kids it belonged to.  He was not happy.
Hanging out with Miss Lacey at their house one afternoon while we took Elle to the pool!

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