Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last week Kenny took Elle to Memphis so they could go to the Fed Ex Cup and see Phil Mickelson play some golf.  Kenny and I are huge Phil fans and have passed that love down to Elle.  The four players we root for the most are Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Speith and Dustin Johnson (the new and improved version). Phil had an early tee time on Thursday so they left Wednesday afternoon so they could get into town and check into their hotel for a good nights sleep before the big morning.  
She cried a few tears because she said she was going to miss Mommy but I think that went away as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.  She looks pretty happy to me!

Before going to their hotel they went to Elle's favorite restaurant in Memphis, Aldo's.  We usually go to the location downtown before plays and Elle loves their pizza and that they bring you pizza dough to play with while you wait on their food. They went to the Midtown location because it was closer to their hotel and enjoyed a nice dinner together on the rooftop patio!
Playing with her pizza dough.
They FaceTime with me to be sure the hair was done correctly and to say hi and I snapped this picture of them together. Aren't they cute!
Motel breakfast before they head out!

Well not very shortly after they arrived, I got a call and it was Elle.  She and Daddy were so excited to tell me that Phil Mickelson had given her a ball.  They had hoped this would happen! Kenny tells the story: They arrived and went out on the course passing Dustin Johnson on one hole and giving him a high five (another thing they were excited about) and then they arrived at the hole Phil was on. He was finishing up and was walking towards his golf bag and where a few little boys were standing. But Elle had a burst of bravery and started calling Phil's name and waving and she caught his eye and he turned towards her and handed her a ball! Half an hour after being there! Their day was already totally made!  The phone call I got shortly after all that had a very excited Elle and a very excited Elle!
Beaming with her ball from Phil.

Kenny being the wonderful father that he is really thought his day out with Elle and purchased clubhouse passes so that they would have a place to sit and watch golf, cool off, get a snack and drinks and this turned out to be perfect and Elle got spoiled by all the people working there.  Kenny loved it because he got to hang with all the players.  His Disney as he put it!
Daddy and Elle hanging out at the clubhouse

Walker cheesing for a picture to send Daddy. He was happy to stay 
home with Mommy.  One day he will get to go too!
Watching Phil play some more up close!

Really pumped because Daddy was letting her drink 
coke for energy and we don't allow her to drink coke...unless she needs energy.
Popsicle break!
Kenny's so excited about his popsicle that was Arnold Palmer flavored.
After Phil was done with his round Kenny and Elle went to see if he would sign the ball he gave them.  It had his markings on it but they wanted to ask. He told them he does not sign balls but signed Kenny's program for them.  Phil thanked Kenny for bringing Elle to the tournament and asked Elle if she has started playing yet.  Elle got a little shy and Phil said he understood that.  He asked Kenny how her swing was and Kenny said it was pretty good! They told him good job and good luck! They were so happy to have gotten to speak to him and they definitely made some memories!

After all their face time with Phil they were totally relaxed and spent the rest of the day around the clubhouse.  She had lots of fun on the jumpys that she had to 
herself for most of the time. It was really hot!
So they would pop into the clubhouse for more cooling off time!

They were sitting watching golf and one person working the clubhouse came and asked Elle if she wanted an ice sugar cookie with the tournaments logo on it.  Then another person came up and asked if she wanted to hold up the famous Hush Y'all signs.  At first she was shy but the person could tell she wanted to so they said they would just leave it right there next to her.  Of course she totally got into it!  She absolutely loved it. She got super spoiled the entire day!

After their dream of a day they went back to the hotel for a rest before going to have some mexican food or chips and dip as we like to call it and then went to see Angry Birds together.  I think they fell into bed and went straight to sleep! It was a fantastic day!

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