Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We just got back from a truly magical week at the beach for our annual family trip and I have several posts coming in the next few days where I share probably every single picture I took while we are there.  But first I wanted to do a quick post on the week leading up to us leaving.  Kenny flew out to Tampa for a week of training with his company and a seminar with Tony Robbins.  Tony Robbins is an inspirational speaker and also does a business mastery class too.  He came to their training for one day last year and Kenny really enjoyed him.  This time Tony came for several days and Kenny got  lot from it this time too.

The day before Kenny left Walker started running a low fever but we didn't worry to much.  He left Sunday morning and by that evening he was burning up.  My forehead thermometer kept telling me his fever was around 101 but he just felt so much warmer than that and when I got him out of the bath he was trembling and he had been so cranky all day.  My friend Sarah brought over a different thermometer that was more accurate if you know what I mean and the second we umm put it in it shot to high 103s. So we went to the hospital to be sure everything was okay.  Market curse strikes again! Luckily he was was okay.  Just some sort of virus that we had to work through. It lasted several days and he was pretty cranky all week.  By the time he was better I didn't send him back to PDO because I didn't want him to get sick again before we left for beach.  Monday or Tuesday, Elle started complaining her ears hurt so of course I took her in.  I wanted everyone well! Her ears were a little pink but weren't infected.  The doctor gave us a Rx just in case we needed it while we were on vacation.

Elle also went to First Pres' Bible School all week with some of her friends and had the absolute best time.  We are still singing the songs! (even Walker is now)
We were upstairs playing and Daddy came up to give us all hugs bye.  I snapped this cute picture!
Cuddling with my sweet boy.  His eyes look pitiful in this picture.
Elle and I played outside while Walker napped and enjoyed a Popsicle.
Bath time is where Walker seemed to take a turn for the worse.  
His trembling after the bath made me super aware of how warm he was. I was scared.
I had him wrapped up in a blanket trying to get him warm.  
Sarah arrived shortly after and we were off to the ER.

At the ER they ran lots of precautionary tests and by the end he was tired and over it.
But by the end of our visit he had several doses of medicine 
to get his fever down so he perked up a little bit.

With the help of constant rotation of medicine we managed to keep 
Walker's fever down so he would play some.  He was just so cranky!
This silly girl! At the doctor after Bible School getting her ears checked to be on the safe side!
Playing outside and checking on our baby birds.
One of our three sets of baby birds.  At least these didn't poop everywhere like the other two nests.
Elle wanted her picture taken with the birds.
I started packing gradually throughout the week.  By the time we 
were supposed to leave the whole floor was covered.
Elle with her sweet friends at bible school.

On the last day of bible school they had a little program where all the kids sang the songs and they did a slide show and then they had lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  Elle was super excited to wear her t-shirt and for me to come watch! I took lots of video so that I could send them to Kenny,
Elle sporting her t-shirt before we left that morning!
Elle with her hard hat and lantern on stage at church.
Enjoying some lunch at end of the week!
Of course we had to get a selfie together!
And finally just a couple of Walker enjoying a snack and 
watching Elle doing something that he was obviously intrigued by.

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