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Last week we met Kenny's parent's in Mobile to drop Elle off for the Third Annual Gramma Camp!  She was so excited for all the fun and to be spoiled rotten yet again and I know Gramma was super excited and had a ton of fun stuff planned for them to do together! Kenny and I talked a little about leaving Walker with my mom for a few of the days and going on a trip but ultimately decided to just go home and spend a few days with him as our only child. We had lots of fun bonding with him and Elle and Gramma wore themselves out all week along with PopPop.  We missed her so much while she was gone and I was so happy to finally have her home when Kenny went and brought her back after 5 days!
On the road trip we stopped for a potty break and Elle got her favorite 
and the ultimate road trip snack. Doritos!

Just for memories sake: On the trip down to Mobile Elle complained about her tummy hurting and wanting to get out of the car.  It is a long trip so we just held her off until we got to the restaurant we were meeting Kenny's parents at.  At the restaurant she was fine.  Once she left with Kenny's parents they got stuck in some traffic and she fell asleep in her carseat.  When she woke up.  She puked.  All over their car.  Bless her heart.  We now know to not take her carsickness claims lightly.  She is like me and doesn't handle motion that well. They pulled into a Kohls and changed her clothes and got everything cleaned up and she was felt a lot better.  She rested when she got home and made a quick recovery.

The icing on the cake with us just having Walker was that he finally started walking so we were able to take him to do some things like golf cart rides and putting and playgrounds.  
Going for a golf cart ride to the club and then to the putting green with Daddy and Mommy.
Hanging with Mommy on the cart watching Daddy putt.
One of the best parts of Gramma camp is the BIG gourmet breakfast each and every morning.  Served at the little girl sized table in front of cartoons!
Sporting her new Peppa Pig pajamas she picked out.
I sent Elle this picture of Walker because I was putting him down and of course he was looking so sweet and because I wanted her to know that Walker was missing his sister.
I am not sure where this picture plays into anything but Walker skipped his nap one day and was sacked out at 5:30 and he is just so cute.  This picture also makes me sad because he takes up my entire lap now.  
Playing outside with Mama and pretending to drive the golf cart.

Pop Pop and Elle working on a puzzle together one morning!
Like I said! Breakfast!

Some of these picture are out of order but some of the fun things they did while Elle was down there  was go to the park and this awesome splash pad, went for manis and pedis, went to the "beach" shore at the yacht club to play in the water and the waves, went to see a movie (Angry Birds), went shopping for toys and went for ice more than once and of course played played played at the house!
This was before they went to the beach at the yacht club.  They enjoy going to the Ruby Tuesday Salad Bar together.  I crack up looking at the random things on Elle's plate.  Also that she doesn't have anything on over her bathing suit! Part of the fun of Gramma Camp! Anything goes!
Getting clean after a day of fun! The bath toys she is holding is a
 Land Before Time dinosaur that was Kenny's when he was little!

Fairhope has this amazing park downtown and during the summer months part of it is a big awesome splash pad.  I am seriously jealous of this place and so glad Elle gets to enjoy it! They went one late afternoon and she had the best time! I got lots of pictures that day!

Ice Cream stop after the splash pad! Mint chocolate chip! That a mama choice right there!
Went shopping for I am not sure what and came home with all this.  She said it was Gramma's idea!
Another day.  Another breakfast!
Walker spending time with Daddy not the golf course.  He was so sweet toddling around with him.  

Looking for Daddy's ball in the hole.
Probably my favorite picture of Elle that Ann sent me.  Standing on the dock at the yacht club.
Ice cream!
The only picture Elle and Gramma took together the whole week! We will have to make point of taking more at Gramma Camp 2017.

Manis and Pedis! One of her favorite things to do! She was waiting for them to dry in the picture!
Cuddles with Pop Pop before bed.
Reading a book while Gramma cooked breakfast I am sure!

It was another great week of Gramma Camp and I am so glad that this is a tradition that has continued.  I am glad that Elle was 5 this year and that these memories made this year along with the others will be ones that she gets to keep.  She is such a lucky girl to have Gramma and PopPop who adore her and spoil her absolutely rotten.  She came home completely exhausted but so happy and well loved!

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Ann Lacey said...

Grandma Camp 2016 was a wonderful week of fun and lots of hugs and kisses! We miss Elle and love her very much!
Grandma and PopPop