Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The second day in Memphis Kenny and Elle slept in, which means until 7 or so! They got dressed and went downstairs for another hotel breakfast.  Jumping on the bed and the breakfasts are Elle's favorite parts of staying in a hotel.  We will keep room service a secret from her for as long as we can!

Kenny took Elle over to Annie- Nannee's house to have a fun girls day just the two of them. Kenny went back to the tournament to follow Phil hole to hole.  He loves that but it was just too hard for Elle to do.  It is even hard for me to do.  Much less it is so hot!

Nanee had planned such a fun day for Elle.  First they went to the Memphis Children's Museum which had lots of new exhibits and Elle had a ball!
Annie was texting us pictures of Elle playing in this 
new kitchen for kids to play in and it was so nice!
Playing a gigantic game of operation!
Sliding down the Fed Ex airplane slide!

They had this big thing to climb in and Annie said she loved it!
After lots of fun inside the museum they changed into her bathing suit and played at the splash pad.  

After they dried off they head out for some lunch and
 some sweet treat and got their nails done together!

After nails they went back to Nannee's house and Elle got to swing on her favorite swing!

Kenny came to pick Elle up that afternoon and I think they were worn slap out! 
Enjoying an ice cream cone after a quick meal in the car!

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