Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So on Friday we loaded up the car around lunch to get a headstart on our vacation.  Me and the kids and our vacation angel/sitter Lacey headed down to Pensacola so that we could get through the Mobile tunnel and causeway on Friday instead of Saturday because Kenny would not be with us and I was so worried about getting stuck in traffic with the kids for hours on end. Leaving also allowed us to get on the road early Saturday and miss all the two lane highway traffic when you get closer to the beach.  We made awesome time both days and I am so glad we left early and broke up the trip.  Now for the part where I stayed in a hotel room with both of the kids on my own.  That definitely was not my favorite. The older I get the harder of a time I have staying in hotels because of the ick factor and being there with small children and having them touch and sometimes even lick all the surfaces.  I was so ready to go! However they absolutely love a hotel room! Love! I was taking lots of pictures and sending them to Kenny who was done with his business trip and was in Orlando relaxing and playing golf.
Conducting business on the phone and taking notes.

Dont interrupt his important call!
The next morning they woke up early and we let Miss Lacey sleep in her private room next door while I took the kids down to breakfast where they stressed me out to the max.  Hotel stays and restaurant meals are things I like to do with Kenny.
Another day. Another call.
Enjoying the muffins at the hotel breakfast.  Hotel breakfasts only heighten the allure of a hotel stay.

So after I had all I could take of the children being wild in the hotel room we got back into the car to make the rest of the drive over to Seaside.  My mom and sister were already there spending a night with the rest of my family that was there the week before.  Our house was still being cleaned so we couldn't unload just yet so we met my mom and sister in the Seaside loop to let the kids play and to get some lunch. I love the first day when you get to the beach!  You are so happy to be there and the whole week lies in front of you! Plus this was exciting for us because Walker was finally more mobile and we knew we had Lacey to help us on nights, and at the beach and for naps so it wasn't going to be as much work as it can be. Just starting this first post on our vacation I'm already so sad that this vacation is over because it was so relaxing and wonderful and we enjoyed our children and our family so much!
Letting Walker stretch his legs and explore!

We ate at the food trucks for lunch and it was hot but still fun!

After lunch we let Lacey take Elle to the pool and me and my mom and sister went to do the big grocery trip! Walker napped in the car with my mom while my sister and I shopped.  Kenny should of been getting close to arriving but got stuck in the traffic I was so worried about.  It extended his trip time by a lot! When he finally arrived we were so happy to see him! It was close to Walker's bedtime but Elle was dying to say hello to the beach.  We always make a big deal out of saying hello and goodbye to the beach. This was the first time we have been to the beach at dusk in years and it was so pretty and relaxing and we had a great time with the three of us that evening.
On the golf cart and ready to go say hello to the beach!
The water was cold but that didn't stop Elle!
These two are the sweetest.

Jumping waves!

The framer.

We ate shrimp that night and went to bed early.  We pretty much went to bed early every night because our kids get up early and the sun takes it out of you.  Kenny was unpacking from his trip and pulled out this giant face fan thing of Tony.  He had given them to the entire company and it was big joke with our friends.  You will see several more pics of this thing.  But on this night Kenny was telling me all about his trip and we were goofing off!  It kind of freaks me out!
Kenny as Tony.
Kenny said its a thing to put the mask in the bed and act like you are snuggling with it so we took this picture to send to our friends.  Also scary!

Stay tuned for lots more pictures from our vacation in Part 2,3 and 4.  Yes really!

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