Monday, July 4, 2016


We've now been home from the beach and just wrapped a slam packed Fourth of July Weekend but I still have one more beach post to get out! So here we go!

One of the mornings Elle and CeCe woke up to make everyone breakfast. This is a beach tradition and pretty much any time CeCe is with us tradition.  They always make bacon and pancakes. Elle has learned to crack the eggs, measure and stir over the times they have made them together.  
Getting ready to crack the eggs! In our pajamas of course!

Stirring and mixing!
She also learned to flip on this trip and was loving the home's kitty spatula.
Walker mixing breakfast with a little play time!

My pictures may be out of order but at this point oh well! We all went out for breakfast to one of our favorite places in Sea Grove, Cowgirl Kitchen.
I had to note in this picture that I was trying to get Walker to smile for my picture and Kenny came walking out and this was the result! Walker just lit up and started calling DaDa's name!

We had another morning at the pool.  It was cloudy while we were there which was around two hours.  It was literally the only time it was cloudy and not beautiful for us the entire week.  So we were okay with the clouds for that short amount of time.  Walker actually let Kenny take him in the pool and he tolerated it. So that was progress.
Hanging out in the pool with Daddy.
Walker offering anyone a beer that he helped himself to from that box in the background.

Once again we were so happy to have Lacey with us.  We were able to make grown up only dinner plans and go to dinner at George's.  We have eaten lunch there many times but have never made it to dinner because we don't go to a lot of dinners out right now.  It was positively relish and a beautiful evening so we took lots of pictures.  Lacey and the kids had a great night too.  We ordered them pizza and they watched Finding Nemo so they are just as happy!
Squinting in the sun trying to get a cute pic.
Pic of the girls enjoying some wine all in blue I might add!
Moved out of the sun and tried again.
Outtake.  Kenny is not amused.

And then it was Friday and we spent our last day at the beach.  Walker had another rock star day and skipped his nap and it was a perfect day on the beach.
Walker just loved playing in the sand and his big bucket of water!
Elle was a little low energy this day but was perfectly content to just lay in her beach chair.

I loved watching them play together at the beach all week.

That afternoon Elle and Kenny went for a lunch date together to have cheeseburgers at Pickles while I packed.  They did a little shopping too of course.  
I hope she always wants to go on dates with her Daddy.

That evening we let my mom put Walker to bed and we took Elle into Seaside for dinner, playing in the amphitheater and the Friday night movie which was The Lego Movie.  We have been waiting for Elle to be old enough to stay up for the Friday night movie and last year she was but it poured right at start time so her and Kenny had to come home.  This year I was worried she was too tired but she stayed awake and was into the movie the entire time! She was so tired on the cart ride home she wasn't making any sense when she was talking to me and Kenny and was slurring her words.  We were cracking up!
We went and ordered pizzas from Bud and Alley's pizza to take to the amphitheater while we played and there is a beach access right there so Elle wanted to go say bye to the beach.

The movie screen all blown up and ready for the movie.

We actually managed to make it on the road early and with Lacey squeezed in the back to entertain Walker we actually made good time and it was the easiest ride home from the beach we have ever had.  The final reason that Lacey will be going again with us next year.  Like I said, this year's vacation was wonderful and I am so happy to have spent this magical week with Kenny and my family.  Until next year! Love ya Seaside!

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