Thursday, July 7, 2016


So we rallied even though we were so tired and got the house and ourselves ready for the party and several more families to come! The boys had smoked a boston butt overnight and all day and we had lots of sides and then different appetizers and cocktails.  We had lots of glow sticks beads and chalk for the kids and they were content to run in and out and play tag outside.  It was a loud scene with so many little ones but so much fun!
Hanging with Walker man before the party really kicked into gear.
Swiped up Elle to try and get a family picture. 
Jay and Kenny
Walker thinks if you turn the selfie camera on him that it is going to be snap chat which is so funny.  So he was making funny faces and we played along.

So the club was having all this fun stuff at the clubhouse for kids.  Face painting, jumpies, food, hot air balloon rides.  And Kenny and Jason had mentioned to the girls staying at the house and Elle that they would go get their faces painted.  We started to not mention it and just see if they would forget but we were worried at some point in the night that they would realize they never made good on the promise and with their exhaustion a meltdown could be the result.  So the guys decided to take all the kids over to the clubhouse.  Some of the Daddies were a little hesitant because they had 2-3 kids and would of preferred to just hang and relax at the house.  But peer pressure from all the Moms and the other dads gave in and every Dad and all but Walker and another baby friend of ours Ann Elise ended up going! Oh and sweet Ray who is Elle's age and didn't want to go.  First thought we gathered them all on the steps for a group pic.  We even worked to get Stella in at the top!
All the sweet kids! We have lots of versions of this picture where you can see Collier on the second row and you can see Stella at the top but I used this one because Walker was looking up at the camera! I love all their hair bows and red white and blue.  

So after the craziness of the group picture all the dads and kids loaded up in the back of the pick up truck and in the truck to head over to the event.  The moms were practically pushing them out the door.  The kids were excited to ride in the bed of the truck and we made them swear that they would drive two miles an hour.
All ready to go have fun with the daddies!

Kenny did great and took some of the cutest pics! They all waited in line for the face paint first and that took a while but eventually all the kids got their faces painted.  It was the same wonderfully talented lady who I had at Elle's birthday party.  Elle chose to be a tiger like her friends which was very drastic but still very pretty! After everyone got their face painted they went and played on the jumpies. Kenny also described a table full of glow rings, sticks, wands and all sorts of stuff that the kids could take anything they wanted.  That was heaven to! They were all very excited they made the decision to go over there and stayed much longer than we girls thought they would! It got close to the time they were supposed to start fireworks so we started calling them to be are they would be back at the house in time.s
I love this picture so much! It was a perfect summer evening!
Getting her face painted.

The finished product. See the table of glow stuff in the background!

While the boys were with the kids the girls got the main dinner ready and had the most fun drinking and talking and playing with the two babies that were left.  We also took advantage of sweet five year old Ray and had him take some pictures of the girls.  Walker got a little cranky so I changed him into his pajamas thinking I would put him down soon and he would not see the fireworks.  I had not planned on him being awake for them.  But somehow he got a second wind and Kenny and I were so so excited to have him with us!
Walker and Ann Elise.  Pretty sure there was a love connection that night.
My sweet baby Walker.  He was so much fun this weekend.
Trying to get a group shot that everyone likes when a five year old is taking the picture!
Outtake.  Please look at Walker observing us being silly!
Still trying for a cute group pic!
Enjoying some corn on the cob!

The boys finally rolled up about a half hour before the fireworks were supposed to start.  We were anxiously awaiting their arrival and someone said "Oh I think I saw a ton of flashing lights and glow sticks outside." We go out there and it was such a sight! The boys had the kids chanting "Daddies are the coolest!" and they all had this crazy face paint and were just covered in glow stuff and waving glow sticks.  It was hilarious.  Some of the kids face paint had started melting off from sweating in the jumpies and playing so hard.  Elle's remained perfect though. The guys were absolutely starving so we were glad we had set up the food so they could eat quickly before we made our way out to the green for the firework show.
Family pic after Kenny and Elle came home.  I had changed Walker into his pajamas but changed him back into his john john now that we decided to take him to watch the fireworks with him.  We were worried he would die of heat.
A close up of Elle's face paint.  It really was impressive.  

While we waited for the fireworks to start the kids did sparklers which was a lot of fun and made for fun pictures.  
Elle and me having fun with the sparklers.
All the kids with their sparklers.
Walker was mesmerized by the sparkler.
The fireworks ran a little late but did not disappoint.  It was a beautiful show.
Daddy and Walker watching the show.
One last family pic for the weekend.

Once the fireworks were over we all went back inside and the house was crazy with people packing up and a lot of really tired and hot kids.  Maybe a few meltdowns to.  I put Walker to bed as soon as we came inside and then helped clean up. It was another fun party and I hope a tradition that never dies. On Monday, the actual Fourth of July we came home to Starkville that morning and watched movie after movie while Kenny played in a golf tournament.  It was a great end to a perfect weekend!
Jammies and glow sticks!

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