Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I am still recovering from our slam packed busy busy Fourth of July long weekend! As I write this, it is Tuesday (which is completely throwing me off) and me and the kids are still in pajamas and I am ready to go back to bed because I am still so tired! But we had the most fun and made some wonderful memories with our family and friends!

We kicked off the weekend off on Friday morning when I took the kids to the pool to meet up with friends and swim all morning.  At the beginning of the summer I was scared to bring both Elle and Walker to the pool by myself but now I have gotten used to it and I feel more comfortable. We have been having lots of fun.  Walker still doesn't have much to do with the big pool but enjoys the baby pools and the toys we bring and the people watching.

I snapped this picture when we were on the way to the pool.  
Walker had his hand on her leg the entire way. They just adore each other.
Walker enjoying his lunch on the ground after he kept standing up in his chair at the table.  

Friday evening and night Kenny was signed up to play in the Country Club's night golf tournament.  This is always a really fun event because the wives ride with the husbands and you decorate your cart with glowsticks and it ends up being a pretty late and wild night.  We have always been out of town but we happy to participate this year! We met our friends for dinner at the clubhouse before heading out at dusk to start the tournament. It was a lot of fun but we did try to take it easy because we knew we had a lot going on for the weekend.  
Kenny practicing on a hole on the way to clubhouse.  
We put flags on our cart which I kind of wish we could keep all the time!
The girls hanging out in our glow sticks and cart lights.
The boys!

The next morning Kenny left the house early to meet up with friends to play a round of golf at Old Waverly.  Me and the kids stayed behind so that I could pack up.  Our plans were to stay out at Old Waverly at Margaret's parents house all weekend with another family the Ryders and Jay and Margaret of course.  We have our annual Fourth of July party at their house every year because you can see their fireworks from the green they live on.  But this was the first year we stayed all weekend. So once I got us all packed we went straight to the Old Waverly pool to swim and meet up with Margaret, the Ryders and our friends the Walters too!
A two night stay requires all this! A lot of it was groceries but still.
Walker hanging out in the shade.
The baby pool was drained and being painted so we sat 
on the top step to splash and play most of the day.
Our crew hanging in the pool!
Missy loving on Walker and sharing her fries!

After the pool we headed to Margaret's parents house so Walker could nap and the girls could have some quiet time before the sitter arrived to give baths and let the parents go out to dinner.  Missy and Jack and their kids weren't staying with us at the house but came back to have dinner with us at the restaurant at the Old Waverly club house that night.
Walker sitting with Daddy after he woke up from his nap.
This piano was so hard to resist for them.  We would let them play it 
and then have to make them stop because our heads would be hurting.
Elle and Cathryn are the same age but go to different schools.  
They were fast friends and had the best time the entire weekend.
Walker loved the piano too.
The girls after dinner trying to get some of the patriotic flag in our picture. Dinner was so incredibly fun.  The food was great and it felt like we laughed the entire time.

The next morning was Sunday and that night was the Fourth of July party where lots more people were coming. We were all kind of tired.  The grown ups were tired from staying out late for dinner and the kids were tired from their slumber party and staying up later for the,  So most of the morning was spent just laying around and playing. We all made breakfast, drank coffee and just fellowshipped.

Around lunch we got the kids dressed and let the guys take the kids to eat lunch at Murphy's at the clubhouse.  We had hoped the kids would be able to play and run around outside some but it was so hot. Walker was a bit of a handful at lunch because it was time for his nap but I think they still had some fun. We were all able to shower and start straightening up for the party while they were gone. After they got back we put Walker down for the nap and had the girls lay down to watch a movie to get some energy for the everyone coming over that night!
Being lazy on Sunday morning.
Walker cuddling with Mr. Jay.
Sharing a snack.
Playing fetch/catch with Stella.
Elizabeth was so sweet to Walker all weekend. She is 9 so she was big enough to carry him around on her hip.  She entertained him and kept him happy! I loved it!
Getting some cuddles from sister.
Getting ready to head out for lunch. 
Enjoying the delicious vanilla ice cream they have there before heading home to rest.

Stay tuned for Part II! The Fourth of July party!

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