Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The week before market Kenny tries to stay close to home and we focus on spending time together as a family. It is so incredibly hot right now and as I've mentioned Walker is a little over the pool.  So we tried to come up with some other things to do! We managed to find some things to do and Kenny and I also had a date night to go to see Ghostbusters and then we also got out with a group of friends one night to celebrate Margaret's birthday. It was a fun night and a fun week spent together with our kids.  Here are a few pictures from the week!

Starkville has a new ice cream place called Churn and Spoon and I/we are big fans! We are so excited anytime a new fun place comes and we were excited to try it out.  It did not disappoint! Although, Walker insisted on getting a cookie at the ice cream shop!
Elle eating her ice cream.  It was called Netflicks and Chill.  It had popcorn and M&Ms in it.
Elle was excited about her ice cream!
Cheesing with my boy and his cookie!
Cheese grins and chocolate!

Elle had her close friend Abigail over to play one day and they enjoyed a popsicle together.
Elle pretended to give me a manicure and pedicure one day. 
She's had enough of them herself that she is actually a good imitator of this.
Hanging with my sweet boy.
Girls and boys sides of the private room at the hibachi place for Margarets birthday.

Walker was wearing this little back pack one morning and it was making me laugh.

We took the kids to check out books at the library and then to the paint a piece pottery place.  We tried to let Walker paint but he tried to paint his face and his hair and then tried to eat it so we ended up letting him play with the brushes and eat a snack.  I also had the people there paint his hand and Elle's hand to make two tiles with their hand prints on them. Which worked out because I was trying to keep Walker busy so all I could mange to paint was two solid tiles.  Kenny painted a mug and was his normal meticulous pottery painting self. Elle painted a unicorn and had lots of fun.
Right at the beginning when we gave Walker the paint brush.
Kenny getting started on his mug.
Elle working on her unicorn.
Taking his time.
Painting my tiles.
The owners dog was in the shop and that helped keep Walker entertained.
My two tiles with my two sweet handprints.

This picture is when Kenny took Elle with him to get his allergy shot and then to run errands.  They were in the waiting room but she was so sweet to Kenny when he was getting his shot.  Whispered in his ear that it was going to be okay.  

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