Thursday, July 28, 2016


So Kenny left for market and since he was flying out of the local airport we were able to drive him there and hang out with him and then watch his airplane leave.  I love this little airport because it is tiny and not very many people so we were able to wait until the last minute for him to go through security and watch him when they scanned his stuff.  Elle thought the X-ray machine was super cool. Then once he was through security we were able to watch him board the plane and then watch the plane take off.  It was kind of sad at times because Walker didn't understand where he was going and Elle of course was sad.  But it was still fun to be able to see him off so personally and also killed time during our afternoon.
When we got there Kenny hit up the vending machines 
and got them gatorade and cookies.  Spoiled rotten!
Loving on Daddy!
Being cute and just playing around.

Final hugs before Daddy went through security.
Watching Daddy walk to the plane.  Walker was yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

After he got on the plane he was on our side so we were able to wave at him and then watch him fly into the sky.

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