Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I wanted to do a short post on my fun and quick girls beach trip to Rosemary.  We did all the usual stuff. Sat by the beach, drank cocktails at night and ate delicious food all while we girl talked the entire time!  We had great weather and may of stayed out way to late one night so I am still recovering!

We left early Thursday morning and had fun on the ride down there.  It goes much quicker when you don't have to stop with the kids as much.  Once we got down there we did a quick grocery store run and then went to the condo to get dressed for the night.  We went to Paradis for a cocktail and some appetizers and then went to La Crema for tapas and wine before going to bed!
Sarah and Me at Paradis

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach reading and talking and walked up to Summer Kitchen for a light lunch.  That night we got ready and went over to Alys Beach to have some pre dinner cocktails at Neat and then had dinner at George's.  After that went over to the Pearl for some drinks. It was a fun night!
Bloody Mary on the beach!
Cocktails at Neat.
Selfie at George's
Having a little too much fun at the Pearl.

The next day we were a little slow moving but eventually made our way to the beach and did more laying around.  It got cloudy in the afternoon and Sarah and I did a little shopping for our kids and I got Kenny a little happy.  We stayed out on the beach a long time even though it was cloudy.  Then we went for a late dinner at Cafe 30A.  It was so good but we were all tired.  We joked because we ended the night with coffee! 
Sarah and I both ordered this yummy lobster dish for dinner!
Enjoying our coffee and dessert!

Sunday morning we grabbed some breakfast at the Donut Hole and then hit the road.  It had been such a fun weekend but we were all ready to see our families!

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