Tuesday, August 9, 2016


We had a great weekend in Birmingham this past weekend but before I do a couple posts on that I wanted to do a this and that post of a few of our summer days.  We are in the last days.  School starts in less than a week.  We had Walker's meet the teacher last Tuesday and he actually started his new PDO close Wednesday so Elle and I have been running lots of errands together and enjoying our one on one time.  I forget sometimes what it was like to just have her! Kenny was also gone to market for a week and Gramma came in town for the weekend to help out! So here we go!

One morning I had to pop in our local Biscuit Lady's shop about a sponsorship for our schools fundraiser so of course we had to enjoy some biscuits!
Elle was styling that morning! She had on half of her jewelry plus a purse!
Being sweet and reading together.
Gramma arrived and brought gifts.
Walker getting some cuddles from Gramma.

Gramma took Elle out for a day out on the town on of the days she was here! They went to Chick Fil A for lunch and then to see Finding Dory and then wrapped up the day with a little shopping.  They had lots of fun!
Enjoying some ice cream!
Walker in his high chair eating up his food!
More cuddles.

On Saturday morning I worked an early Stuff the Bus shift to collect school supplies for our local schools and then came back home to grab the kids and take them to a birthday party at the candy shop  for one of my friends little girls'.
Handing out school supply lots at Walmart.
Elle and Walker enjoying the party food!
Cheesing with my boy.
Walker looked as sweet as the candy that day so of course I snapped some pictures!

When we got home I put Walker down for a nap and Gramma and Elle played nail shop.  It was so sweet.  Mrs. Ann let her soak her feet and then painted her nails and toe nails after giving her a pedicure all while Elle watched a movie.  She was in heaven!
Soaking her feet and getting ready for her pedicure.

We've been making a point to go to the pool as much as possible and its always better if our friends are there! Many fun afternoons!
Cate, Violet and Elle having ice cream during pool break!
Waiting to get back in!
Walker holding his "babies" and ready for bed.
Playing outside.

My friend Kelly who lives right up the street invited Elle over for a playdate and they had their own blow up slide and had a matching bathing suit for Elle to borrow.  She literally stayed all day.  Had to drag her home!
Caroline, Elle and Brooklyn
Mommy and my boy.
Doing some reading.

One morning Elle went grocery shopping with and she brought her baby doll along and her baby's Diaper bag.  Then they had the cutest little baby carriers at Kroger so we swiped up on of those while we were there.  Everyone was talking about what a sweet mama Elle was at the store.
Being a sweet mommy and doing some grocery shopping.
Walker swinging at some balls in the yard one day.

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