Friday, August 12, 2016


Saturday the plan was to do spend the entire day at the pool! Which is exactly what we did and it was lots and lots of fun.  The first time Kenny and I stayed there we talked about how much the kids would love the pool. They have a zero entry along with a small splash pad, lots of chairs and a water slide that is not too big and scary.  At first they told Elle she couldn't go down it because she didn't see the height requirement and she was so upset but I pressed the guy a little bit and they let her go.  I am so glad they did because she probably went down that slide a 100 times. We got out there after breakfast and spent the entire day out there.  Gramma took Walker up for a nap and we stayed out a little longer before going in to rest,  We had big plans to swim all night and watch a movie by the pool.  Elle was so pumped.  But we got back out to the pool and a huge storm came.  So we grabbed some dinner and they moved the movie viewing to one of their ballrooms and that was satisfactory for Elle. She had a great time watching the movie with Kenny and Gramma and Pop Pop.  I stayed in the room to pack a little and put Walker to bed.

Sunday morning we got up pretty early and bathed the kids before we got on the road.  Elle had a birthday party and a Kindergarten party to go to so we needed to get back!  It was a really fun weekend and lots of sweet memories were made!

Here are some pictures from that fun day!
Walker and Elle headed to breakfast.  Holding hands.
Doing some coloring before she hit up their amazing buffet.
Walker was loving it!
Elle wading into the pool!
Walker taking a sippy break!
All decked out in his sun gear!
Loving the splash pad with Gramma.
Elle swimming to Daddy after going down the slide.
Blowing bubbles!
They had a pastry chef in the lobby making cupcakes to order with whatever toppings you wanted.  We brought one to Elle because Walker was napping and she's not that into cupcakes 
but Walker was all about it!
Hanging out in the lobby.
We came to dinner straight from the pool and very casual and the kids were a mess. We did a little bit of everything to get through that dinner! Like put stickers on our noses and on paper.
Silly boy.

Hanging out at dinner.
Our table was a mess.
They have a bag piper that plays every night around dusk.  Elle loved him.
Cuddled up with Kenny watching the movie.
Fully into the movie!
Cuddling with Walker before bedtime.
Time for bed.  He was tired.
Pile up in Daddy's bed.
Bath time before hitting the road!

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