Monday, January 30, 2017


These past couple weeks we haven't been super busy. We had a nice weekend at home this past weekend and were able to hang out and just relax.  The weather finally got cold again so we snuggled in the house.  Elle and Walker had a good week at school last week despite both of them having colds.  Elle was especially excited because they have been counting up to the 100th Day of School. 

 Walker doing a little reading one day in the car. He loves this trains, cars and planes book.
 Olivia, Elle and Abigail reading a book together before ballet class started.
 I kept Walker home one day because he was running a fever and 
we had fun together playing and staying in our pajamas all day.
Walker has started carrying this little dog and a small Elmo doll everywhere he goes.  

Elle totally got into 100th Day of School this year and decided to dress up like a granny who is 100 years old. She would come home every day and announce that they were one day closer.  On the actual day I helped her get dressed and gave her a special hair do.
She didn't like the bun I did at first. I agreed with her in that it was more ballet bun and not old lady. So this is what I came up with. She was pleased.
I bought her two different pairs of glasses to try from the Dollar Store.  I thought these were more granny like but she liked the other ones better. But I made her take a picture with these too.
 My sweet granny!
 Granny pose after the glass swap.
 Daddy and his Granny girl.
 Walker wanted in on the picture.
 I posed for a quick selfie despite not being picture ready. 
Loved helping her get ready for her big 100th day!
 Elle and some of her friends made the school's Facebook page.  
These are a few of her closest friends. Elle, Audrey, Aubrey, Cate and Ella.
Everyone who dressed up in their sweet grade.
 When she came home from school she had a special snack and worksheet she was happy to do.
 Snapped a few pictures of these two cuddling one weekend morning.

Sunday afternoon I went to see A Dog's Purpose with Margaret and it was so good but soooooooo sad.  I mean really sad.  Margaret being a huge dog lover cried the entire movie and I cried a lot too.  When I got home I still needed to get it all out so I told Kenny the sad way all the dogs died (yes for real) and then loved on Lena.
 Giving my old girl some hugs through my tears.

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