Monday, January 23, 2017


Last week Elle participated in her school's dance camp and had the absolute best time.  She loved it so much. She had lots of friends that were doing it with her too and she would come home every night and show me all her new moves.  Kenny was at market all week so it was helpful that she had something fun to do after school and I would not pick her up until 5.  Which in turn I would end up missing her all day because I usually pick her up much earlier than that.  I was worried that she would be exhausted and in a foul mood but she really held up well and we had a pretty good week with Kenny being gone.

On Friday the girls were set to perform at the high school basketball during halftime and then I made some plans with a couple if my friends who have good friends of Elle's to go out for mexican afterwards. I got a sitter for Walker. Elle was super excited for the performance and I wish I could post the video because she did so great! I was super proud of her and it was really fun to watch. They danced to the song Uptown Funk.  

After they dance I went to pick her up in the band hall and then we headed out for dinner. The girls were great during dinner eating and coloring My Little Pony pictures and us moms actually got to talk for a little while.  We ended up giving Collier and Meredith a ride home and stopped by Churn and Spoon for some ice cream too before heading home. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun.
Ella, Elle and Audrey
Elle, Cate and Audrey

Cate's mom told them to strike a dance pose. Audrey down on the floor is my favorite.  So funny!
Sweet girls ready for some chips and dip!
Ice cream date with Collier!

Silly faces!

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