Tuesday, January 3, 2017


After a couple days at home we packed up the car and headed to Fairhope to celebrate Christmas with Gramma and PopPop.  The kids were super excited to get there and the car ride was pretty crazy.  I always drive so Kenny can try to get some work done in the car but he always ends up turned around backwards helping the kids with all kinds of stuff. Stage of life we are in for sure. One day they will both wear headphones and ignore us the whole time.

We finally arrived in Fairhope around lunch time. Once we settled in and had some lunch it was time to open presents! Elle and Walker got some things they were really excited about from Gramma and PopPop.  Elle's favorite gift was a food cart for her American Girl dolls that they have played with constantly since they got home and Walker got a fire truck that shoots "water balls" that he loves! Kenny and I enjoyed our gifts too!
Knocking on the door after we got there and waiting for someone to answer.
All ready to open presents.  Elle found some new nightgowns 
in her room and had already thrown them on and wearing them when it was present time.
Excited about her palace pet case.
Daddy helping Walker open up his fire truck.
Another new nightgown she loved.
Blurry because she was so excited about her food truck.
Checking it all out.
She wanted to start playing with it immediately so Kenny of course helped her.  
He is better at opening packages.  Stronger. Ha!
Walker with all his new trucks and cars.

Friday morning Kenny and I got out to have a breakfast date and to do a little shopping.  We always enjoy shopping down town Fairhope and the kids enjoy their one on one time with Gramma and PopPop.  Kenny and I went to eat at Another Broken Egg and then did some retail damage before we came back to put Walker down for a nap and then let Gramma and Elle go to the movies.   That night we were totally spoiled and went to Camelia Cafe for an early New Year's date.  It was a great meal and we were so happy to ring in the new year that way and go to bed early on the actual night!

Gramma made a big breakfast while we were gone.
Snuggles in their room while they played.
I told Elle she couldn't go to the movies unless she had a bath so they both got a scrub down.

Group pic after the kids were all clean!
Walker enjoying some pizza while he was wrapped up in one of Kenny's baby blankets as a bib.
Headed out for a date at Camelia Cafe.

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