Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This past weekend we threw Elle her 6th birthday party. I'll save the post about how I can't believe Elle is 6 for another day. Elle has been looking forward to her birthday party for months. Literally. She would of happily skipped over Christmas just to get to her birthday party. I love how excited she gets. I also love around Starkville birthday parties don't have to be overly done affairs.  We don't have a lot of places to have parties especially in January but the children in this town are always so sweet and are so happy to just have a fun party for their friends.

Elle told us a while back that she wanted to have her party at the gymnastics place again this year.  This was her second time to have a party there. She told us so far in advance that Kenny was able to bid on a package for a party there and win at our school's charity auction! Elle's other request that it be Shopkin themed. That was easy enough! These Shopkins are all the rage right now! We invited all of the little girls in Elle's grade plus all of our other friends and so many of her good friends came.  CeCe and Nanee came in town for the weekend and were a big help to me with setting up when we got to the gym.  We were sad Gramma and PopPop weren't able to come but they had been very sick the week before and decided to stay home to rest. The party was a huge success and Elle was so sweet to all her guests and they all had so much fun! She told us many times that it was the best day ever and of course words like that make any mama heart so happy!
The simple and fun set up. 
Elle's Shopkin Cake.
I had one of my friends who is insanely talented make these Shopkin themed cookies as part of the favors for Elle's guests.  I chose the donut and cookie because 
those are two of Elle's favorite Shopkins.
We also did a bucket of Shopkin bracelets for each little girl to choose from as they left

Elle loves a mylar balloon! It is now in her room and we will probably have it for two months.
One of her sweet friends, Reese arriving.
Nanee and Walker before the party started.
Playing on the trampoline.
Walker was a little unsure of it all so got some Daddy cuddles.

Kenny helping out on the bars.
Lots of fun in the foam pit.
Elle and her sweet friend Mary Kenway

Love all these sweet girls!
Candles lit and ready for the birthday girl!
In the past she didn't like being sung to but this year she enjoyed being sung to for the most part.
Mommy and Daddy with our baby girl who is 6 years old. 
Cake and ice cream time!

Walker got to sit next to his beloved sister to enjoy all the party food.
Everyone enjoying cake and ice cream!
Present tables.  So many of Elle's friends got the cutest and 
most thoughtful gifts with her in mind. She is a lucky girl.
After cake and ice cream we had to clean up for the next party after ours but Walker was still enjoying his food because Walkers loves to eat. At one point two of my good friends were spoon feeding him all his bites and he was in complete heaven.

He needed more sugar!
Our friend Jack helping Kenny clean up the uneaten sandwiches.

Once the party was over we picked up a pizza for lunch and came home to put Walker down for a nap. Elle was pumped to open her presents of course and my goodness did she have some presents.  She was thrilled with everything she received from her friends and from Nanee and CeCe and us.  I am so glad her birthday party was everything she wanted it to be.

Ready to open her presents!
She got some new cheer pom poms that she was excited about!

That evening we all went out for hibachi to continue Elle's birthday celebration.  Elle loves to "watch the man cook" and Walker really enjoyed it this time too! It was actually a fun dinner out which those come few and far between with having a two year old in the mix. 
Elle and Nannee with her new doll she got from one of her friends.
Daddy and his girl.

Elle loves to celebrate her birthday at hibachi because they come out with a gong and sing happy birthday, let you bang the bong and then she is gifted a little bobble head animal. This year she got a monkey and she loved it!

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