Tuesday, March 21, 2017


We just got home from a jam packed Spring Break and when I put all the pictures on my computer and broke them into different posts it was a whole lot! So get ready for a marathon of posts. I am worn out already and this is my first post.  But it really was such a fun Spring Break and one that we will always look back fondly on.

Elle was out of school the Friday before Spring Break officially started.  I had a haircut scheduled and Walker still had PDO so Kenny took Elle on a breakfast date at Starkville Cafe. On Saturday the weather was really cold and gross in Starkville but we were still super excited for our good friends' Audrey and Ella's birthday party at the gymnastics place. Elle had lots of fun and then Elle's friend Mary Kenway came over to play at our house for a little while.
Audrey and Ella blowing out their birthday candles.

Walker was in heaven because Missy sent home three balloons just for him.  
His balloon obsession is still raging!

On Sunday morning we woke up and loaded up lots and lots of stuff. A LOT of stuff and drove down to Fairhope to spend the night.  The drive down to 30A is just too long for us to do in one day.  By stopping in Fairhope it allows the kids to see Gramma and Pop Pop and it makes for a really short drive on the actual day we can check into our house.
Pop Pop and Elle getting in some screen time together.

So Sunday was our official day to get down to Seaside and the weather was so gross.  Like the worst weather I have ever seen down there ever. Pouring rain and cold! And it rained all day. We were still happy to be down there despite the bad weather.  When we got into town the kids and Kenny went and had pizza at Pizza by the Sea while I ran to Publix for some groceries.  I squeezed the groceries into the car and then met them over there for some yummy pizza!
Smiles! We are at the beach!
Once we got to the house we unloaded the car and the groceries and unpacked and the kids explored the house and played and then we turned on Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  
They had not seen that movie before and were loving it!

The rain finally stopped so we bundled up to head into the Seaside Loop.  On the agenda was buying Walker a sweatshirt because he did not have a Seaside and also the forecast was looking really chilly for the week.  We actually ended up buying Elle one too on another day.  Elle also wanted to go to Sundog books and we figured we could go to an early dinner at Great Southern one of our absolute fave places to eat! Despite it being very cold and still spitting on us a little it was a really fun evening!
Walker was thrilled with his new sweatshirt!

Checking out the books with Daddy at Sundog Books.
Playing with their robot cubes that we got at the bookstore 
while we wait on dinner and most importantly grits!
After dinner we made the decision to go get some yummy cake from Modica.  We always try to get their cake at least one night for traditions sake.  I got coconut and Elle and Kenny split a large piece of chocolate!
Checking out what kind of cake she wants!

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