Monday, April 10, 2017


Last week we had the big deal Grandparent's Day Program.  The week before Elle was assigned to make a poster about her grandparents so Elle and I worked on that together.  We included some fun pictures of Elle with CeCe, Gramma and Pop Pop and also some fun facts about them.

Gramma and Pop Pop came into town Thursday afternoon. CeCe decided not to come up this year because she was coming in town that Sunday to stay with the kids while Kenny and I went on a quick trip. 
Working on our grandparent poster.

Friday morning I had some errands to run and planned to take Walker to PDO but he bawled when it was time to go because he wanted to stay home with Gramma and Pop Pop and play so I ended up letting him stay home for the morning.  Then I had a sitter come around lunch time so we could head to the school early and get a good seat.  Kenny missed Grandparent's day last year and like me last year didn't realize what a big deal it was! He teased me when we pulled into the school almost an hour early because I am habitually very early to things but once he got into the gym and saw how many people were already there he realized. We managed to get great seats with the perfect view of Elle. She spotted us easily when she came in with her class and we got lots of time to wave and blow kisses to her! Elle's age group sang Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog" and wore sun glasses and did cute little movements.  It was sweet and Gramma and Pop Pop really enjoyed it.
Elle and her friends sporting their sunglasses.
Waiting for the program to begin.

After the program we went back to Elle's room so Elle could show Gramma and Pop Pop her classroom and her grandparents poster. They liked meeting her teachers and seeing her classroom and of course loved the poster.  Once the reception was over we took Elle home with us and hung out at home for the rest of the day.
Elle with Gramma and Pop Pop in front of her poster.

Pretty day for the Grandparent's Day Program.

Gramma and Pop Pop left Saturday morning. Kenny played in a golf tournament and then we took Elle to see Beauty and the Beast that afternoon. It was really good. On Sunday we spent the morning at home and then CeCe came in town to stay for a few days to keep Elle and Walker while Kenny and I went on a trip. It is a spring tradition for CeCe and Elle to plant all of our flowers together. Walker got in on the action this year and had the best time getting dirty. And now our back porch and front porch look great! Thanks CeCe!
Sunday morning golf lesson!
Getting the dirt ready for the pots.
Really getting in there. Getting those hands dirty.

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