Thursday, April 13, 2017


On Monday, Kenny and a few of his friends were invited to play in a celebrity golf tournament benefiting the Mullen 36 Foundation.  Megan Mullen called them a month or two ago to ask them play in the tournament and mentioned Dak Prescott would be there for the day so they decided to show their love for Dak and the Cowboys with their attire.  Their pants were a hit! Talk of the tournament and NFL and Cowboy press was there too so keep an eye out for them before a Cowboys game in the fall!

Monday morning they headed out to the course and were paired with their celebrity Fred McCreary. He is a Mississippi State alum and also won a Super Bowl with the Patriots. He also happens to be a great golfer.  They also talked to Dak for a while and of course got an amazing picture with him! They ended up playing a great round! Margaret, Missy and I went and hung out at her parents house who live on Old Waverley's course and waited for them to come through that hole. We were excited to see them and meet Fred of course. He was so incredibly nice and graciously pulled out his Super Bowl ring to show us without me evening realizing that he could have it with him. He was so nice to the guys all day. And even though he had to leave as soon as the round was finished he texted Kenny later to ask how they ended up. Once the boys were finished with their round we met them at the clubhouse for a reception and drinks and took lots of pictures with all the celebrities and sports alumni that were still hanging out. Dak had already left for the day but we were okay with that. Of course I was most star struck by Jordan Rodgers from The Bachelorette. But everyone was really nice and we had such a fun time hanging out with everyone!
The boys getting picked up and ready to head out to the course.
Sweet Dak and our flamboyant pant wearing boys!
Getting ready to start the round with Fred.
Watching Kenny take his putt very seriously.
Action shots on the green by Margaret's parents house!

Their team!
Me, Mrs. Ann and Margaret
Me and my pro golfer!
Wearing Fred McCreary's Super Bowl ring on my hand.
They finished in 3rd place. We were pretty sure the other two teams knocked a few strokes off. So it should of been first but they were still happy with 3rd place!
Missy, Dan and Me.

Jordan from the Bachelorette.
Cameron Lawrence and Tyler Russell.
All the boys with Dan!
Group shot minus Jason's wife Sarah because she was busy moving into their new house.
All the guys with John Bond. A well known Mississippi State quarterback back in the day.
Have to include this picture of Missy and Jordan because we teased her big time about that heel kick!
The boys with Greg McElroy, Peter Burns, Jordan Rodgers and Kraig Kann 

The boys getting all kind of dirt from the sports announcers.

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