Sunday, April 30, 2017


School winding down has been keeping us pretty busy. But the weather is getting nice 
and we are happy to have Kenny home from market. He got home from market Monday night and was so nice and sent me to Birmingham for a night to relax, sleep and do a little shopping while he spent some quality with the kids. He even picked Elle up and took her ballet and got her dressed for ballet at studio. Only got help with the bun! He is the best Daddy and husband and it was a great and very relaxing get away for me and I was so happy to come home!
Some boy time out on the course!
Hanging out with Daddy before he went in to preschool. All the pictures 
crack me up because his collar is so messed up!
Walkers official school year was over on Wednesday. So this is his official 
LAST DAY OF PDO 2016-2017
After school treat of ice cream!
The sweetest picture of Elle on her way to school while I was gone. I love her sweet smile.
Anytime I am gone these two order pizza and eat it in bed and have a sleepover together.

I got him so new boots while I was in Birmingham and he loves them!

On Thursday we were happy to have Elle's class pet join us for the weekend. This was our last visit with Clifford for the year and Elle was excited to get him a day early since she had a big field trip the next day!
SO happy to have Clifford home with her!
Hanging around on the swing set.
Clifford got to go with Elle and her friends to tumbling class.

On Friday, Elle's grade had a big field trip planned to Jackson to the Children's Museum. I rode down with some friends and was able to chaperone the trip which I always enjoy doing!
On Friday morning, Elle and I were getting ready to head out for her field trip 
and Walker was so sad he couldn't go with us.
All ready to load up on the bus.

Sweet girls having fun at the Children's Museum.
Doing some fishing.
Elle loved this rock wall.
They had a picnic with their sack lunches and then enjoyed the 
sunshine before getting back on the bus for the ride back.
The best attempts of getting a class picture!

Headed to get back on the bus with her buddy for the day Audrey Caroline.
Kenny and Walker made sure Clifford had a great time while Elle was gone on the field trip! 
He went to the golf course!

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