Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Monday morning we saw Elle off to school and headed off in horrible horrible weather for Augusta, Georgia. We were headed for the Augusta National Golf Course and a Masters Practice Round.  This was Kenny's fourth year to go Augusta for something Masters related but this was my very first time to go.  Kenny was so excited to show me the magical world and I couldn't wait to see it too! The weather really was terrible the whole way there but we weren't in a huge hurry so we made it there safely and checked into our hotel just a couple blocks down from the golf course.

After freshening up we headed for a local favorite restaurant called T-Bones. Kenny had read a tip in Golf Digest that this was a hot spot for golfers and caddys.  The place was packed but we didn't spot anyone that we recognized. It was good and we enjoyed eating an early dinner. Then we came back to the hotel room and I promptly fell asleep.  Kenny however tossed and turned all night with anticipation of the big day and was up at 5AM I am pretty sure!

Tuesday morning we totally lucked out because all the bad weather had passed and the sun was out without a cloud in the sky. Bad weather was forecasted to return again on Wednesday so we truly hit the practice round jackpot! It was a little cool in the morning but it quickly warmed up and unlike my Ryder Cup experience I was dressed appropriately!

We got to the course soon after the gates opened and Phil Mickelson (our fave) was already out on the course with a couple other golfers. So we hightailed it over to where he was and watched him for a little while.

Watching Phil practice for the Masters.

After we watched Phil for a few holes we made our way over to the Pro Shop for some shopping. Have to stock up on all our 2017 Masters goodies.  We bought ourselves a couple things, t-shirts for the kids, and a few gifts for CeCe and friends that were helping with Elle and Walker while we were gone.  We also bought another Masters chair so we could go save a spot on the 16th hole. We already had one chair from when Kenny went in the past.  We plopped our chairs in a great spot and watched some golfers come through for a little bit. The 16th hold is super fun because it is a Par 3 with water and during a practice round they hit their shots onto the green and then come to the water's edge and everyone cheers as they skip balls over the water and onto the green. It is super fun to watch!  Since this is where we sat on and off through the day we saw every big golfer pretty much come through that hole and also got to watch them all skip their balls.  A few highlights were watching Bubba take out his big pink driver and skip his pink ball across and then also seeing Rickie Fowler and Jordan Speith come through!
Getting ready to head out from the 16th hole and see more of the course.
A pic in front of the clubhouse and the famous oak tree.

Checking in to see where our favorite players were.
Hanging out in front of the famous scoreboard.

Walking towards Amen Corner.

We made our way over to Amen Corner where we enjoyed our first sandwiches for the day.  Kenny prefers the egg salad and I like the pimento cheese! 
Amen Corner in the background!
Enjoying my first sandwich!

After we spent some time at Amen Corner we went back over to the 16th hole to watch more golfers come through.  It was  lots of fun but we got really hot. So after Rickie and Jordan's group came through we got up to do some more walking. As long as you weren't sitting still you never got too warm. We took our chairs with us and sat on the 18th tee box for a little while.  It is up on the hill and there was some shade so it was really relaxing.
Rickie! Rickie!
Rickie and Jason Dufner and eek can't remember who else! 
While we were sitting on the 18th tee box, Fred Couples' group came up on the 17th green.  He was with Vijay Singh and eek again two other guys. So we watched them putt in.  Fred was finishing up and I called his name because he was holding his ball and I wanted it! He turned and I joked with him about him throwing his ball but he joked back saying that it was his last one so he still needed it! Kenny still thought it was neat Fred and I talked!

We walked up to the 18th green to watch that same group finish up.  Then went and picked up all our retail goodies from the bag check before wandering over to the the practice putting green.  Jordan was there doing some hard core work.
Jordan practicing his putting.

By that time it was 5 int he evening and I was completely wiped. Kenny would of stayed there until they kicked us out but I was exhausted and he really was too after no sleep the night before and all the excitement.  Plus most of the golfers were off the course at that point. We looked and looked for Dustin Johnson all day but never saw him. Then the next day he fell down some stairs and had to bow out of the tournament.  We sadly and happily walked out of the golf course and went and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Tin Lizzie's before falling into bed!
Headed out. Kenny reflecting on our fabulous day!

Getting to go with Kenny to the practice round really was so much fun and made it all the more fun to watch on TV the rest of the week.  You really do get a different feel of the course when you see it in person. It was a great getaway and one that I will always remember.  We can't wait to take the kids when they get older!

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