Wednesday, April 12, 2017


These past few days have been total whirlwind.  We got back from the Masters on Wednesday and I was busy thereat of the week with Teacher Appreciation Week at Elle's school.  On Thursday I put together a little dessert cart with assorted treats and drinks and stuff and one of my friends and I pushed it around to every class so teachers could pick out a treat.  Then on Friday I helped with feeding the teacher lunch.  Once we got everything set up I went and sat with Elle while she ate her lunch in the cafeteria. I don't get to come too often to do this but we both always love it when I do.
Lunch at school with my Elle.
On Fridays they get to have a cold treat and on this day it was so pretty outside that they took it outside.  I snapped one last picture of Elle and her friends before I left!

Friday night we went over to a friend's house for a cookout.  Elle came with us because it was at two of her closest friends house. We planned to take Walker but he was super cranky that afternoon and rubbing his eyes at 4 PM so we got a sitter for him last minute and let him stay home. It was a fun night!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go work my Junior Auxiliary shift for Cotton District Arts Festival Kid's Village. I did set up from 7:30- 9:30 and then came home and we got the kids dressed and ready to head back to the festival so they could enjoy the Kid's Village. It is always a big hit. They loved it this year.  We spent all of our morning there.  Kenny and i were starving by mid morning and so we ate an early lunch at Bulldog Burger which was absolutely delicious and then we even walked back over to the Kid's Village for more activities. We had high hopes and plans of meeting friends at the MSU Football scrimmage but it is normally at 12. And this year it didn't start until 3.  We had such a good time at the festival and also stood in a long line so Elle could get her face painted and by mid afternoon we were exhausted.  But we didn't really have enough time to go home and rest before the game started so we ended up just scrapping the game and opted for a trip to Church and Spoon and going home to rest and play instead!
Decorating cookies at the Kid's Village.
Walker was a little unsure about all the commotion at first so 
he was content to hang with Daddy for a while.
Playing the bongos together.

Some fun instrument I do not know the name of.
Making a necklace at another craft table.
Hanging out taking pictures while Elle was crafting.
Decorating a crown with Mrs. Margaret.
Family picture before we headed over to Bulldog Burger for lunch!
Elle with Miss Meridian. Funny enough we have a picture framed in her room with this girl because she is a big dancer and came to a ballerina birthday party  as a ballerina one time.
Picture of Momma and Daddy at lunch. Photo cred: Elle
Coloring her plate for her moracca.
Bubble blowing.
Elle and her sweet friend Abigail.
Elle and her sweet friend Annie.
Elle and Daddy taking a turn on the drums.
We found the Holditches while we waited in line forever so the girls could get their faces painted.
Before the face paint!
After the face paint.
Picking out their ice cream at Churn and Spoon.
Elle got some cotton candy flavor and Daddy got chocolate Peanut Butter of course!
Cookies and Cream for Walker.

On Sunday, we woke up and got all gussied up for church because we were officially joining the church.  Then after church we picked up some lunch and headed home for Masters Sunday. We were majorly cheering for Rickie Fowler but it just wasn't in the cards for Rickie. Sergio Garcia won.  I made egg salad and we had pimento cheese so we snacked on sandwiches and the kids played outside.  It was a great Sunday to end the weekend.
Playing in the water after I watered the plants.

Sporting our new Masters gear. Photo cred: Elle again!

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