Thursday, May 31, 2012


It is May 31st yall!  That means that we successfully made it through 31 days of no carbs and no sugars.  There was an occasional slip here and there.  Like when this happened...

But for the most part we are super pleased with the results.  As of today Kenny is down around 15 pounds and I lost 11!  I am thrilled with those results!

A few things- I basically follow the South Beach diet when I do this.  So after three weeks I did add a few carbs back into our diet but they had to be whole grain and high in fiber and I tried to keep it one serving a day.  I also exercised every single day except for when I had that horrible stomach bug.  Elle and I took the jogging stroller out for a one hour walk every day and then I lifted weights and did crunches.

I am SUPER nervous about gaining it all back on vacation.  My plan is to try and eat really well during the day and let loose a little for dinner.  I want some yummy food and cocktails.  Kenny and I do plan on walking every morning!  Either way I am so excited to relax and introduce Elle to the glorious blue waters of the Gulf!

Once we come back I will be back on the fit train because we are headed to Las Vegas in July and I want to feel great for that too!

P.S. Shout out to Kenny.  This restrictive diet has been rough on Kenny with him traveling so much but he had so much will power and having his support definitely helped me stay motivated and see results.


Caroline said...

Way to go. I'm not sure I could do it.

Anonymous said...

Good job! That's a huge feat! I am attempting the LOW carb diet sTarting Monday. I was wondering f you have any low carb or no carb recipes you would like to share :) if so, my email is