Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well we are doing our best trying to adjust to not living in Memphis.  I have to say it has been a little difficult for me.  I am homesick and don't feel settled because I know we are just at my mom's for a little while and then we have to move again.  I am ready to move into what will be OUR home for at least a year or so. I never anticipated missing my house.  I was so ready to get it sold by the end of the whole thing but now I am missing it a lot.

I am also missing Elle's little school a lot.  I was so happy when I called a great preschool here and they had a spot for Elle two days a week.  So I take her on Tuesday and get her settled in to her new class and she is loving it and I go to fill out paperwork.  I am pulling out of the parking lot to leave when the director comes running to tell me she had looked at Elle's age wrong and she was to young to go.  So we had to go and pull Elle out of her class and I had to take her home.  It made me soooo sad. Lots of tears.

It didn't help matters that we had a doozy of a week.  My mom came down with a severe case of bronchitis the Sunday that we got here.  So she slept for three days.  Then Elle came down with a fever virus.  A day after her feeling puny I noticed that her eye was drooping and made the mistake of googling that and freaked out. I made the pediatric clinic that had never even seen her before squeeze us in for an appointment.  Elle had another ear infection plus a fever virus and that had given her Bell's Palsy which in some cases can be permanent.  After a HUGE shot in her leg we came home and she passed out on me.  She was so pathetic.

Thankfully, after a couple days at home where she felt pretty bad she was feeling better.  And since it had rained every day since we have been here (uggg) I decided Elle and I could be mall rats for a morning.  We needed to get out of the house.  We were going bonkers. The mall here is very small but we enjoyed just looking at things and walking around.

You love the one in front of the lingerie right?

We are glad to be wrapping this week up.  Even now we are dealing with side effects from all the medicine that Elle is on, some painful.  Kenny has been super busy in his first real week of his new job.  It has just been crazy.  We have a trip to Memphis planned for the next weekend so I plan to make this coming up week better and then I am looking forward to seeing my sister and friends in Memphis.  I need a girls night for sure!!

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