Thursday, January 24, 2013


Oh my darling Elle.  You are two and you make me laugh and surprise me every day with the new things you do and say.  I am so incredibly lucky to have you as a daughter and I know your daddy feels the same way.  We are so proud of you and look forward to the challenging but totally amazing days that will come during this next year.

To celebrate your birthday we threw you a party in December before we moved so all your closest friends could celebrate with you.  But on the actual day/weekend in January we traveled to Memphis to see your favorite aunt, had a play date with your best friend Loftin and enjoyed some birthday treats like cupcakes, donuts and pizza.  Don't worry not all at once. Then it was on to drop your Daddy off at the airport for Las Vegas market. Because in case you have forgotten you decided to make an early arrival while he was at the market two years ago so he will always have that furniture market around your birthday.

You weren't too sad because when we came back to Hattiesburg CeCe  arrived home from her week at Disney World and brought you a brand new Snow White doll that you are very excited about combing her hair.

It was great birthday sweetie.  I think the cutest thing you are doing and really the only recognition that this is/was your day is when you are asked how old you are, you exclaim 2! all while holding up three of the cutest little fingers.  Gosh we love you so much!!

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