Thursday, January 17, 2013


Tuesday is Elle's second birthday and she is still rear facing!  I am that crazy mom who is still talking to her through a mirror strapped to the back of the headrest and almost wrecking the car trying to hand things over her seat while her little hands reach up over her head.  

We are taking a trip this weekend and we will be turning her around for the trip.  I am so excited! She won't know what to think.  I just can't imagine turning to look at her and having her right there.  It is going to be so much easier.  Zulily had a sale the other day on car organization accessories so I purchased a basket sort of thing to put her books, toys, sippy cups and snacks in when we are traveling and then a ipad holder that you can strap to one of the front seats so she can watch her movies and things.  

I am excited to turn her around but I want to assure anyone reading, having her rear facing was not hard at all.  Did she fuss her car seat? Yes, of course she did. But it was because she was bored and wanted out of the car on our road trips.  I don't blame her.  I wanted out of the car too.  Were her legs scrunched? No, not really.  She did have to bend them a little (as you see in the picture) towards the end but she never acted uncomfortable. 

And just because. I took this picture leaving her follow up doctor's appointment from her being ill last week.  I did get her a flu shot at this visit.  I felt so bad because she was in such a good mood and had just had that huge shot last week.  But she only screamed for a second and then it was lollipop time!

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B said...

Mine rear faced until 26 months. He never minded it not was uncomfortable. And actually slept better rear facing due to the incline. The only person who said something about it was my mother-in-law.