Monday, January 7, 2013


So I realize I haven't really explained why we sold our house, where we are going and what our family has in store for the future.  So here it is!

Kenny got a promotion!  He was given a territory with his company, Ashley Furniture.  I am so proud of him because he has worked for this for several years.  For a little while we did not know which territory he was going to be given but we put the house on the market in preparation for a move.

Around Thanksgiving we found out that the territory would be MISSISSIPPI! We were so excited.  We were given the choice of where we wanted to move, regardless we knew we would be much closer to friends and family.  Ultimately we chose to live in Starkville.  Living in Starkville has been something we talked about for years now.  We feel like Starkville offers enough to do but in a small town environment.  Not to mention how much we love our school and it still feels like home to us.  PLUS, we figure we will be getting LOTS of visitors around football season.

In November we accepted an offer on our house and we just closed on Friday.The day after Christmas we started packing and we did not have much time.

We found a large condo we are renting in Starkville but cannot move in until March so we packed all of our things and put them into storage in Starkville and moved necessities to Hattiesburg. Yep.  My husband, my daughter and I all moved home with my mom.  Should be interesting.  Kenny is going to be so busy and traveling a good for work so I am sure the time will fly by.

So here are some pictures of the chaos we have been living in.  I am soooooo thankful to friends who invited Elle over to play several days allowing me to pack child free.  Elle doesn't seem to be too phased by all the chaos and may have even enjoyed it a little.  We moved her crib and all her toys to my moms so I don't think she realizes we are gone from Memphis for good.  That is fine with me.
Boxes and boxes and more boxes.  We had such a tiny little house,
I seriously do not understand how we have so much stuff!! 
We had storage unit that we used one of my mom's friends old vans to 
move all the stuff to our house.  Kenny was objecting to having his picture taken.
 We had a fantastic New Years Eve with our friends.  Kenny and I were having such 
a good time we didn't want to leave so we put Elle and Lizzie to bed.  Elle was so exhausted 
she fell right to sleep.  This was her first time in a big girl bed.  Might have to design a big 
girl room for her new room in Starkville.
 This is the picture I sent my friend Lindsay when she was asking me if Elle wanted 
to come play with Loftin.  So pitiful.  Look at that mess!  I gladly accepted.

 The movers trying to fit all of our things onto the truck.
 Unloading into storage took fooooooorever.  It was cold and I was exhausted. Moving really stinks.
Friday morning we closed on our house and had to stop by to grab a few things before heading to Hattiesburg.  We used the time to walk through the house and reminisce. We all cried.  Elle mostly because she was tired and fussy. Ha! 

So there it is! We are going to miss our friends and family in Memphis but are excited to be opening a new chapter in our family's lives.

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