Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This weekend we made the last minute decision to travel down to my hometown.  My aunts and uncles and cousin were coming into town to help my mom move my grandma out of an assisted living home to a nursing home. I was really up in the air about going just because we have been out of town so much lately but I a so glad we went.  It was so fantastic to see some of my family and let them get to see Elle.  

Elle was in heaven with all the extra attention.  She immediately took to my Aunt Pam.  She loves anyone that will get on the floor and just play and chat with her. We had to go through a ton of boxes of my Grandma's (who is a real life hoarder) and 3 of those boxes were filled to the brim with costume jewelry. So we made Elle a box of fun things to play dress up with.
Playing in her jewelry box with Aunt Pam.

Pam took Elle out Friday morning to pick flowers and made a little arrangement for my mom.  Elle loved this so much and they ended up doing it every single morning we were there.
Picking flowers for Cece.

Friday night, Kenny and I got a babysitter and we went out for dinner at a "cool" dinner time.  7:30 instead of 5:30.  We went to my favorite Hattiesburg restaurant, Crescent City.  The wait was a little long so we went and had pre-dinner cocktails at Robert St.John's new bar The Branch.  It was such a great time.  Kenny and I can't wait to go on a date to get drinks there.
Blurry pic of my mom, her brother-Uncle Mike and Annie at The Branch

Pam, Kenny and me at The Branch.  

My family from Texas also came in to town and we had not seen each other in forever. It was so nice catching up with them in person! Everyone has changed so much.

We took the opportunity to take a bunch of family pictures with my grandma in her new room.  
Not sure why this is so blurry.  I have better ones.  Oh well.

After visiting my grandma we all hit up a hamburger/sports bar to eat and hang out while we watched the braves game.  After dinner we headed back to my mom's to talk and put Elle to bed.  Not before she hammed it up a lot.  Like I said.  She was loving the attention.  Eventually conversation ended up on Naked and Afraid (imagine that) and we all ended up watching an episode. While a couple people pooed pooed on it. Most people were as into it as I am.  
Elle sporting Aunt Pam's glasses and thinking it was so funny!

I am so glad we made the trip down to see everyone.  It is so important to me that Elle knows her family and feels loved and supported by them.  This weekend gave us some time to see people and laugh and for her to play.  It was a great weekend!

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Hi Mallory, you have a wonderful family, I follow your blog.

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