Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Oh I needed this weekend.  I am not even sure I knew how much I needed it.  I miss seeing my friends all the time.  We had so much fun and it was food for the soul to be able to talk face to face and laugh and maybe do a little dancing.  Okay, we totally danced.  We have some very embarrassing video to prove it. Not for the Internets to see though!

I started off the weekend driving up to Memphis and getting Elle settled in with Nanee.  She was so excited to spend some time with her favorite aunt.  From there I drove up to Jackson to hang out with Tracy for a little while and squeeze on Mack. It had been far too long since I got some cuddles from him so I was excited to see how he had grown.  
He was so squishy and happy!
I promise you he was loving all the attention from Aunt Mallory.  He was just trying to hold it all in.

After Mack's grandmother came to get him for the weekend, Tracy and I drove up up to the cabin and waited for everyone else to arrive.  

Saturday morning we filled our bellies with breakfast casserole, mixed up some cocktails and hit the water.  Thought I would let you know that that skinny pina colada recipe I posted last time was awesome.  Mollie also made a skinny girl margarita with those Crystal Light mixers pack that was also very good.  Double plus, absolutely no hangover from any of the drinks we drank that day.  Will definitely be making them again.

The weather was perfect and we spent the day floating in the water and cruising on the boat.  After a little while and few drinks we had a big dance party.  Might of been the best part of the entire weekend. 
I showed Mollie the best and fastest way to squeeze fresh limes.  Roll them to loosen them up and then squeeze them using your mouth.  You get so much juice because your jaw is much stronger than your hands.  Weird, but I learned it from Oprah of all people.  Total ah ha moment!
We were going to film a music video but I accidentally took a picture.  This was the picture.  Yep.  We were having fun. Filming a music video ha!

While I was at the river, Elle was being totally spoiled with Nannee and CeCe.  They hit up My Big Backyard and she had so much fun.  I was told there was also lunch out, a Target run and a Pottery Barn Outlet where a new stuffed friend was procured.  She has been sleeping late since she came home.
Getting ready to go down the big, dark, windy slide.
At the bottom.  She did it over and over.

As the sun set, the water got all glassy and everyone decided they want to ski. So we switched from the Pontoon to the speed boat.  It was pretty but even got a little chilly after a while.  

Hanging out on the speed boat watching people ski.  Very relaxing.

Sunday, we ate another yummy breakfast casserole and sat around and talked before going out on the boat for a few hours.  Then it was time to head home.  I had a long drive ahead but I was ready to see Elle and have her tell me all about her fun weekend.  

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