Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Geez Louise! That was a long blog break.  I guess I just did not have much to say and then it was vacation time.  So now I am back with another little vacay recap.  And don't worry.  With the start of football season things are about to get cra-razy up in here and I am not even sure I am ready for it all yet. 

I cannot not wait to see what living in Starkville is like during football season.  It is already throwing me off that we will just stroll over to campus to see our Bulldogs play Alcorn State this weekend.  This is probably a game we wouldn't go to if we had to travel but now it is just a fun weekend activity to look forward to.  Elle is already practicing her "Go Bulldogs!"

So last week we went to the beach.  You might remember we went in May with my mom and my sister.  And Elle loved it so much, we were dying to take her back so this time just the three of us went. We realized that this was our first long vacation with just us.  We had so much fun.  Elle adores the beach.  I can't wait for when we go and can spend longer than 2-3 hours actually on the beach but even so it is still so worth it.

We stayed in a different house in the same neighborhood as last time.  We love it because it has two huge pools and is right across the street from the beach.  The houses are big and are more comfortable space wise than condos.  We kept the same schedule as last time pretty much 
-Ride our bikes somewhere fun for breakfast
-Hit the beach for 2-3 hours
-Ride our bikes back home-strip Elle down naked at the front door ha!
- Kenny gives her a bath while I make lunch for Elle and sometimes us
- Elle eats lunch and watches a cartoon while we hang out and then goes down for a long nap
- Elle wakes up and we hit up Seaside for early dinner and happy hour
- Ride our bikes home and put Elle to bed.  

So relaxing!! (Well as relaxing as a vacation can be with a two year old)

At the end of the week my mom and sister decided at the last minute to join us Thursday night and stay through the weekend so that was fun too.  

Here are some pictures from the week!!
Clockwise: Elle posing at Bud N Alleys Taco Bar - Elle and me at Bud N Alleys Pizza- Elle and Daddy on the beach.
I surprised Kenny with a tee time at Camp Creek for some guy time one morning so I took Elle to the pool.  We had fun swimming and playing Ariel. Then that afternoon we took Elle to the beach.  It was nice to switch it up and go some other time than the morning.
Elle loved going to Duckies every night to look at all the toys, take a picture with the duck and to play tea party with Daddy.
Clockwise - Elle and I enjoying some beignets at our favorite restaurant in Seaside, Great Southern- Nanee and Elle getting in some cuddles - CC and Elle walking to the beach one morning- Elle and Daddy playing with the sand.
Our last full day at the beach it was cloudy the morning we went to the beach but that didn't stop us.  Elle seriously loves the beach!!
The last night Seaside hosted a Labor Day POPS orchestra concert and an amazing fabulous fireworks show.  It was all supposed to be for the 4th of July but they got rained out.  We were thrilled to reap the benefits.  It was the best night we had there.  Elle loved the concert and the fireworks were some of the best fireworks I have seen in a long time.

It was such a great week.  A perfect time to recharge our batteries and say goodbye to summer and HELLO Fall!!!

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