Wednesday, September 18, 2013


What a quick and amazing trip and I am so tired!  Friday, I drove down to the coast after getting Elle down for a nap to stay with Megan. We woke up at 4 AM to catch our flight.  We got into New York just after noon and took a cab to our hotel in Times Square. We decided to stay there because it was close to the theatres for the plays. We decided to get dressed for the rest of the day and evening and head out.  

I had really hoped we would find some time to get to Central Park because it was something we did not do last time I was there.  Lucky for me we spent almost three hours walking around and taking it all in. The weather was PERFECT for a pumpkin spice latte and a stroll.  Central Park is so beautiful and Megan and I were marveling at all the fun parks/playgrounds they had for children.  I can't wait to take Elle to play in Central Park. After working up an appetite we head to dinner at Quality Meats.  A family friend gave me some dinner recommendations and we loved everything we ate during our stay. 

After dinner we walked back to Times Square for the Newsies.  It was phenomenal.  Everything I hoped.  The boys were wondeful dancers and the talent was superb.  We did have a little scare when an elderly lady two rows behind us had some sort of episode in the middle of Act I.  Her family was trying to revive her and it and it was very sad and scary. They got her to come to and got her outside for the ambulance.  The play never stopped. We had a fantastic time at the play but were so exhausted after having to get up so early!
Looking a little tired and worn out but still loving it!

After a great nights sleep we got up and headed out for brunch at Norma's. We did take some pictures in Times Square on the way there.  Norma's menu looked amazing but I couldn't resist getting the blueberry pancakes just like I did every single day the last time I was there. This time I asked for extra devonshire cream though which made them even better. Megan got the huevos rancheros and they were delicious too and I don't even like huevos rancheros.

After that we committed to going to the Empire State building.  It was something that Megan had never done.  I did it last time I was there and was worried it would take a little while but there were virtually no lines so I am so glad we went.  The weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful view.  On the way there we took Fifth Avenue to do some window shopping and popped into a few stores. We also stopped by Rockefeller Center and saw the New York Public Library along with Carnegie Hall. 

From right to left: Early morning in times sqaure. The blueberry pancakes at Norma's - Posing by myself at Rockefeller Center Plaza - New York Public Library
Fun on top of the Empire State Building.

After lots of walking and sightseeing we made it back down to our hotel to freshen up and then walked over for Matilda.  I loved the Newsies but I loved Matilda even more.  After seeing the cast perform on the Tony's I started listening to the cast recording and fell in love with the music.  Seeing it all come to life on stage was so amazing.  The children in this cast were so talented and the little girl who played Matilda was so good I was in disbelief.  I got so sad I had to fight back tears at the end because I did not want the play to be over.  It really was that good.  
Solo shots in front of the theatre!

After dinner it was time for one last fabulous meal.  We dined at Robert.  It is on top of the Museums of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle and the view is worth it alone but the food was so so so good!  It was one of those places where you don't feel rushed and you get to enjoy your meal thoroughly. I will definitely be going back next time I visit New York. After dinner we were so worn out.  We went back to our hotel, got into bed, watched the talent portion of Miss America and fell fast asleep. 
Our last night-dinner at Robert!

The next morning it was time for an early flight so we could home to our babies and our husbands!  We were both ready to give everyone hugs and kisses. It was such a fun trip and one where I felt like we did everything (and ate everything) that we wanted to do.  It was amazing to see the plays on real life Broadway and now I am just itching to go back. Hmmm...have to talk to Kenny about planning a trip!

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Stephanie said...

FUN!!!! I'm jealous of your girls trip full of such great musicals!