Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Oh how different this game day was from what game days are normally like for our family.  Normally we are traveling 2-3 hours back and forth from Starkville.  Staying in a rented game day condo with friends that is always lots of fun but living out of suitcases with a toddler.  We eat out every meal and we go non stop.  This particular game day was especially low key because we didn't really have any people coming in town that we knew of and did not plan to tailgate.  

Some of these pictures you have seen if you follow me on Instagram so sorry if they are repeats but wanted to have them included in the yearly blog book.

Saturday morning, we got up and I made a big breakfast and then we played and watched Disney movies in our pajamas.  We were trying to keep it calm because kick off was at 2:30 and we were worried about it being in the middle of Elle's nap time so we didn't want to do anything to tire her out.
We decided to take lots of silly pictures.
At one point I looked up and found Elle catching up with the latest gossip rag.

We did attempt to put Elle down for a very early nap.  She played quietly in her room but never slept.  That was okay.  We were just going to see how it went.  Once we we were all decked out in our maroon we drove a total of three minutes and parked closer to campus.  

We strolled onto campus and met up with a guy from Kenny's work and his family for a few minutes before going into the stadium.  I am kind of happy we didn't bother tailgating because it was soooooo hot and everyone looked a little miserable ha!
Managed to snap one picture of us.  I think this maroon dress has now officially made an appearance for the last three football seasons!  I have so many cute maroon tops but can't even fathom putting on jeans for tailgating at this point.
Elle was so excited coming into the stadium and walking to our seats.
Happy the Bulldogs were winning! Not sure what Elle is making that face for.
Elle enjoying some of her snacks that I had to speak to a supervisor to let me take in.  They wanted me to throw them away and I pleaded with them.  Told them this was the only way we would be able to stay for any amount of time.  Will definitely be hiding them better for the next game.
Don't worry we buy our fair share of hotdogs.  Elle really enjoyed hers.
This was right before we left at the end of the third quarter.  We were beating the other teams tails and the no nap afternoon and heat were catching up with us.  Elle was tired!!

And then the BEST part of the weekend.  After the game we walked out of the stadium, walked back to our car, drove home, put Elle to bed, ordered sushi take out and went to bed.  It.was.amazing.  No packing everything up.  No driving home all tired and unpacking.  Just pure family fun and then go home.  That alone might be enough for me to stay in Starkville forever!!

This will be our calmest game day for sure and most likely the only we will spend alone as a family because we already have people scheduled to crash and hang out with for all the other games which will be so fun too.  But this was the perfect first home game!

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