Monday, September 30, 2013


I got a little behind in my updates.  So before I fill you in on what we were up to last week and this weekend I thought I would recap the game weekend against Troy.  Lots of emails were traded between friends trying to get everyone there this particular weekend (with kids) for a reunion of sorts.  Sadly, some could not make it at the lat minute but we still had a great time and it was so fun to see all the babies together.  This was the first time we have gotten all the children together.

Friday night I went to this really fun event in Downtown Starkville with some new friends.  Unwine.  All the stores stay open and you buy a wine glass and all the stores have different wines to sample and great sales.  It was pouring down rain but still so much fun.  

I got home from that later that night and our friends Megan and Patrick and their little boy Frances had arrived.

Saturday morning, we had people over for some pre-tailgating tailgating and let the kids play for  a little while!
Elle and Frances having some lunch together.
Elle taking Mack for a ride on her trike.  
After lots of playing and visiting and some very unsuccessful nap attempts (that is right no nap for Elle) we headed over to the tailgate where more friends and more babies were waiting!
Elle had so much fun at the tailgate.
Having an intense pre game conversation.
This is a picture of the back of the camera but I still love it so much.  I even love that none of the babies are looking ha! Except for sweet Frances.  So fun having them all together.

The game started at 6.  So all the boys went in for the game and we packed up the tailgate and headed back to our condo. It was just going to be so hard to take the kids to the game with it starting so close to bed time and there was no way Elle would make it not having a nap.  
We asked an inebriated college student to snap this picture as we were heading out.

Once we got back to the condo, Megan and I gave Elle and Frances a bath and we settled the all of the babies in various rooms to sleep.  Then the girls just hung out.  We even ordered a big Papa John's pizza for old times sake.  The game was  blowout so the boys arrived later and then ordered more pizza ha!

The next morning we went to City Bagel for some yummy breakfast.  Of course the kids were thrilled to feed the fish in the fish pond.
Serious business with their Daddy's .
Feeding the fish.

Such a fun weekend filled with friends!  It is so nice having everyone come to us instead of having to travel to games and then parting ways to all drive home.

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