Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello and welcome to  Five for Friday  This one is extra special because it is New York City themed. I leave this afternoon for the coast to fly out to New York for a very quick trip. I am going with one of my closest college friends, Megan. We decided on a whim a few days after the Tony's that we needed to go see some plays! I am so thrilled! She is total foodie like me so we plan to see plays and pretty much eat our way through the city ha! So here we go!

Newsies - I grew up watching this movie with my sister and have loooooved it forever.  The music from the movie was always some of my favorite and Annie and I used to practice harmonizing together.  We never really got it down.  When I saw this was coming to Broadway I started to praying that it would make a national tour so I could catch it when it came near by.  I never dreamed I would get to see it in New York!

Matilda - Another childhood memory coming to life.  I adored this Roald Dahl book as a child and then my sister and I loved this movie too.  I really knew nothing about the music from the show until I saw them perform on the Tony's but since we booked our trip I have been listening to the soundtrack and know all the worlds to it now.  I think it is going to be such a fun show to see! 

Sightseeing - Besides plays and eating we haven't really planned anything else to do.  Anyone have any recommendations?  We won't have a whole ton of time.  Someone told me the Manhattan Boat tour is amazing and I have never seen Central Park.  So we will see what we hit up.  But please pass along anything you feel like we can't miss!

Norma's - We got a list of restaurant recommendations from a family friend for the Times Square area (that is where we are staying in) that aren't too touristy and Norma's was on the list for brunch.  Breakfast is Megan and I's favorite meal so we immediately looked it up.  My uncle and aunt took me to New York for my high school graduation present and we stayed at the Le Parker Meridien where Norma's is located and we ate there every morning.  I did not remember that this was the same place but I DO remember that their pancakes were the BEST pancakes I HAVE EVER HAD!! Told you we plan to eat our way through the city!

Husbands - Megan has a 20 month old and of course you all know I have Elle.  We are so lucky to be able to get away and have fantastic husbands that take on major Daddy duty for the full weekend. I know both Kenny and Patrick are excited to spend the time with the "babies" and have planned fun things for them to do all weekend.  Of course I always hope Kenny has a small "aha" moment of how much work and patience it takes to spend every day with a two year old.  I know he already knows.  Love you Kenny! ( Love you to Patrick!)

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