Friday, September 6, 2013


Here we are for another  Five for Friday post! It has been a while since I have managed to do one of these so here we go with the randomness!

-PATIENCE - So patience is not something I am very good at and here lately every moment Elle and I are together requires so.much.patience.  It takes us forever to do ANYTHING these days.  To walk to the car, to grab a few things at the grocery store, to leave the house, to get to music class.  All of it takes forever.  Sometimes I feel like she is manipulating me on purpose.  Dawdling to avoid doing something that I have asked her to do, but sometimes she is just being a little girl and stopping to look at a bug or a rock or who knows what.  It is those moments that i try to not rush her or get on to her too much.  I will miss this age one day.  Repeat it again. I will miss this one day.

- GAME DAY BABY! - Tomorrow is our first home game and I cannot wait!  Kenny and I were a smidge disappointed at our showing in Texas last weekend but I am hoping for a strong win against Alcorn State. Elle is super excited and I am the most excited about taking her and having fun and feeling the energy as a family. Not sure how it is all going to go because kick off is at 2:30 and that is smack in the middle of Elle's nap time.  And after a meltdown she had the other night after not napping I am kind of terrified.  Hoping for the best for us and our Bulldogs!

- NO REALITY TELEVISION - The other night Kenny and I were talking about how terrible a lot of television is these days.  Now, I am totally guilty of loving some trashy tv.  But to my credit I DVR a lot of it and don't make Kenny suffer through it with me.  But sometimes there just isn't anything on tv and we will both end up absentmindedly watching something really ridiculous.  So Kenny made a decree.  He has decided that he will no longer watch reality television.  We want to watch sitcoms or dramas and sports.  We have made one exception because we  both like watching Survivor together.  We will see how this goes! 

IT'S COMING! ITS' COMING!- FALL! - While it is just too hot for a Pumpkin Spice Latte just yet I have the fall clothing shopping bug for me and Elle like crazy. I can't quit shopping  I also bought all the stuff to make chili and cornbread next week.  It is starting to cool off  a little and I can't wait for our first crisp cool day.  Praying that it will be on a Saturday home game because it can be kind of miserable when it is so hot. I have started thinking about what I want Elle to be for Halloween.  I have tried to ask her and she doesn't quite get the concept so I am thinking I get one more year of choosing her costume.  I bought her this precious unicorn outfit last year but we never used it because Elle wouldn't wear anything on her head.  But she has gotten over that so I might still see that fits.  

PINTEREST PET PEEVE- Since I brought up shopping I just remembered one of my biggest Pinterest pet peeves. I absolutely cannot stand when you see a cute article of clothing on Pinterest or a cute outfit and you go to click through the link to buy it and it just takes you to a dead end.  I want to buy that shirt!!! Where do I get that shirt! ARRRRRRRGH!!!  

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