Monday, September 9, 2013


Friday night we joined some new friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant before going to a little block party Starkville was hosting because of the home game.  We had a good time and enjoyed the small town feel of it.  It is so different being here in Starkville because we never really went to these kind of things in Memphis unless they were somewhat privately hosted because they would just be wild with such a big city and so many people.

The friends we went with have a little boy named Sutton who is the same age as Elle.  Elle makes fast friends with anyone and wanted to hold his hand the entire time.  He wasn't really into that ha!
We got Elle's face painted when we got there.  This was her first time to get her face painted and of course the second the girl finished she put her fingers in it.  Then she was so funny because she kept trying to turn her face so she could see it.  That night when we got home we had to bribe her to wash it off her face.
This pic is blurry but oh well. I still thought it was cute.

They had a band playing and Elle loved the music.

It was a nice low key night and a perfect way to kick off our first home game weekend.  Tune in tomorrow for game day!

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