Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We spent a lot of last week quarantined to the house because Elle had a virus but towards the end of the week we managed to get out and have a little a lot of fun.

Wednesday night Annie came in town with a friend and we all went out for margaritas and cheese dip. Then Kenny and Elle headed home and we head to see Fun. at The Hump.  My sister bought these tickets before we even moved to Starkville and I was feeling a little under the weather that night and did not really feel like going but I am so glad I did. Their music was really catchy and they put on a great show.  I was only familiar with the songs they have on the radio.   But even today I was listening to their album on Spotify.  I am definitely becoming a fan!
Fun. at The Hump

Poor Elle was missing school and music class so much so I decided to pull out the paint and glitter (duh) and let her paint one of the smaller pumpkins we bought at the pumpkin patch.  She had an absolute blast even if her pumpkin did end up black from all the colors mixing.  Crafty moms? How do yall do handle the messes?  Or is that just part of it?  I feel like I don't plan well and things get out of hand or the craft doesn't really go as intended.  Am I doing it all wrong.  Please tell me!!
Friday night we went as a family to Starkville Junior Auxiliary's Chilifest.  Obviously it is a chili competition but they had crafts and jumpys and it seemed like the entire town of Starkville was there so we had a lot of fun.  Lots of Elle's little friends were there from school and they had a ball playing together.  It was so cute.

Elle got her face painted again.  She was so excited but she is so funny about it.  She gets so serious.
Look at that serious face.  And still being very still.
Then I wanted to take a picture and she totally turned into a creepy doll baby.  
This picture makes me laugh hysterically.
Elle and Abigail enjoying their kids plates.  I swear at this age you ask them to smile or look at the camera and they purposely look any other way.  Oh well.
See.  Point made.  "Elle. Smile with Daddy.  Elle. Say cheese." And this is what i get.

Kids go crazy for a jumpy.

Saturday was actually game day and Homecoming but we wanted to take Elle to the game with us and since it was a 6:30 PM game we decided to have an easy going day with no tailgating.  We took Elle for donuts and we played at home and then put her down for a nice long nap.  
She is so happy when she is at Shipleys.

Once she woke up from her nap we got dressed in our maroon attire and headed to campus.  We stopped by some friend's tailgate before heading into the game.  Elle had so much fun at the game and it makes me so happy when we get to bring her with us.  I actually did not take a whole lot of pictures.  But we had a great time.
We were leaving but Elle and Kenny were yelling at the Bulldogs to "
Stooooopppp theeeemmm" on third down. Ha!

Sunday was spent relaxing and playing while Kenny prepared to go to furniture market.  I was not feeling well still and actually ended up getting a stomach bug or food poisoning that night.  But it was still such a great weekend.

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