Monday, October 21, 2013


With Kenny out of town for the last week for furniture market (he gets back today) I tried to convince my sister to come to Starkville for the weekend.  But somehow she managed to get us to come up there.  Elle misses her Nanee so much since we moved away from Memphis and there were lots of fall/Halloween festivities to do so to Memphis we went.

Friday night we met our friends at Hope Fest at Hope Church.  It might be the biggest church I have ever been in.  It was absolutely ginormous and this fall festival was more like a fair.  HUGE!  We had a lot of fun but were totally wiped when we got home from the crowd and all the stimulation. They had a ton of age appropriate games inside, along with laser tag, toddler jumpies, concessions and probably a lot of stuff we missed.  Then outside they had about 15 different blow up jumpie things along with fair food, a petting zoo and a choo choo train.  I am telling you...this place was no joke! Plus they gave out a ton of awesome candy to the kids.  

Elle was a unicorn.  I bought her this costume last year but she refused to wear it because she would not wear anything on her head.  I was so happy when we did a test run in September and the costume still fit AND she actually would put the head part on.
Walking into Hope Fest. Bucket in hand.  Cutest unicorn I ever did see.  
Yay! Reunited!  They love each other so much that little unicorn and dinosaur.
Headed for the games.
Cannot believe she took a picture with this scary panda.  

Now we pause this picture overload post to tell a story best told by pictures.
Sweet friends posing with Elle's flower balloon.
Then the balloon popped.  We were still standing right next to the balloon table so a nice man immediately handed Elle another identical balloon but Elle was still sad about her other balloon and a little frightened.  Loftin being a gentleman was worried about Elle.
A sweet kiss on the cheek from a friend makes it all better.
We ended the night with a ride on the choo choo.  By the end of it I think they all would 
of been asleep on that train in just a few more minutes.

Saturday, we ran a ton of errands and did some shopping before going to Zoo Boo at the Memphis Zoo that night.  Elle has not been napping so she was really kind of tired for it and it got really cold really fast.  We did not stay long.  We had fun nonetheless.  
Elle and Nannee taking in the haunted pumpkins singing "This is Halloween."
Riding the airplane ride.  Elle had her serious really tired face on and 
was not wanting me to take her picture.

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