Friday, October 4, 2013


On Monday we left Fairhope and headed down I-10 to Waveland to our friend Megan and Patrick's house.  Because we just had not seen enough of them lately ha! A few weeks ago I surprised Kenny with tickets to the Saints vs. Dolphins game. Kenny has loved the Dolphins since I have know him and we totally lucked out that their game against the Saints was Monday Night Football.

Megan and Patrick have season tickets so we all rode over to New Orleans late afternoon.
Elle and Francis were so happy to see each other.  The babysitter said they 
played so hard and then both just conked out that night.

Once we arrived in New Orleans we stopped at a Saints Dive bar for some dinner and drinks. Then it was time to head to the game!
The girls.
The boys.  Kenny wore his teal polo in support of the Dolphins.  I was proud of him.  The Saints fans can be a pretty rough and tough crowd.  But they did not give him too much trouble.

Ours seats were great and the game was so much fun.  Unfortunately the Dolphins lost pretty good.  But we still really enjoy the Saints so overall it was all fun.  

The next morning Megan woke up to find that she did not have to go to work because she works for NASA and was included in the furlough.  So we decided to have ourselves a morning before Elle and I  went home.  We took the kids to donuts and breakfast and then for a long time at the park.  They were totally wiped by the time we got done.  Wouldn't you know Elle did not nap on the entire 4 hour ride home!
Elle enjoying her chocolate covered sprinkle donut. This donut with that 
particular sprinkle is my personal fave too.

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